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Out of the Twilight trifecta that is Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, it's safe to say that Mr. Lautner hasn't exactly found big-screen success in the post-Twilight world.

His most recent action thriller, Abduction, received harsh reviews and dismal box-office numbers, causing many to question whether the hunky werewolf has any acting chops beyond his bulging biceps.

Well, fans of the sexy star rejoice—Lautner's set to star in Tracers—a parkour thriller from the producers of Twilight.

So, what exactly does the whole parkour schtick mean, what's the film's Cannes connection and is this a good career move for Mr. Lautner?

Lautner will play a bike messenger in New York City who is described as "the hottest thing on two wheels." (Sounds about right, no?) But when Taylor crashes his bike into a sexy stranger, he is immediately seduced and she introduces him to the world of parkour.

So, uh, what exactly does that mean?

Think of parkour like you might think of action-packed martial arts—the extreme urban sport focuses on rapid movement around obstacles—utilizing rooftops, walls or other unconventional routes. The practice originated in France (oh hey, Cannes connection!) and is widely used in both commercial and film. Check out this Nike commercial example for a sneak preview of what's to come, and then imagine the abtastic star getting his parkour stuntman on. Swoon

Although Lautner's flick won't actually be competing at Cannes like his Twilight costars, the parkour thriller's international distribution rights will be put up for sale at the French film fest.

So, how do we feel about the flick? Well, you already know we thought the mini Tom Cruise should take a break from the action schtick after the Abduction disaster, but perhaps the parkour element will add a little oomph to the film.

We already know Tay's had trouble breaking away from his Twilight persona, and we're a bit worried this thriller won't do much to help Lautner's star status. Perhaps he should go the indie route like fellow costars Rob and Kris?

Nah, Tay has that boyish feel instead of that indie edge and regardless of the flick, we can't wait to see those abs of steel on the big screen.

What say you Awful readers? Are you predicting another Lautner big-screen bust? Or will this be the film that will reignite Taylor's movie career?

Sound off below!

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