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Monday's Dancing With the Stars was so emotional!

It's crazy to think that next week the mirror-ball trophy will be awarded! Every dancer wants it and as season 14 inches closer to the finale, the pressure is hotter than ever! The routines were jaw dropping, but not everyone was smiling.

So what caused Katherine Jenkins' dance-floor meltdown, how is she doing, and what's the deal with Derek Hough's back? We got the stars to spill!

It's impossible to avoid feeling sympathy for any dancer who suffers a little slip and stumble on the dance floor. For Katherine Jenkins, a sudden, terrifying misstep and tweak in her back during the Salsa, cost her and partner, Mark Ballas, precious points in their final effort to make it to the end. 

When we caught up with Mark after the show, he explained what he thinks went wrong.

"I don't know [what happened]," he told us. "I watched it back and it looks like it was a mixture of her foot slip and her back kind of tweaked when she tried to fix it and I was in the air when this happened. So it's like being in a butterfly vertical over your partner and you see terror in her face. Time stood still for a second and I had to find a way to get underneath her and stand her back up. It's scary when those things happen. She doesn't need to apologize."

A tweaked back this close to the finale doesn't sound good, but Mark assured us Katherine isn't too badly off. 

"The good thing is that there is no bone damage, thank God, and hopefully there's no muscle or ligament damage. I just know from suffering past injuries that when you're done, you're done. You're not getting up, but she was up moving around so hopefully she'll be fine."

Speaking of injury, high scorers of the night Maria Menounos and Derek Hough were dealing with their own physical scare. Derek's back was close to benching him after strenuous rehearsals, but he couldn't leave Maria dancing with a substitute.

"When my back went out yesterday morning, I was a little worried about it, but at the same I thought, I've been here before and it's always been good luck," he spilled. "So good has always come from injury, and I was feeling the same about Maria this season. This is just another rendition, and I had to take one for the team."

So are the rumored lovebirds confident they'll make it to the finals?

"I think we might have a chance," Derek told us. "But even if we don't make it, we did everything possible and I'm happy."

Who do you think will move on to the finale next week? Who do you want to win it all? Let us know in the comments!

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