Glee's Next Step: Lea Michele and Chris Colfer Drop Season-Four Scoop!

Exclusive! Michele says the show-within-a-show format will "take time" to get used to

By Kristin Dos Santos, Jenna Mullins May 15, 2012 12:12 AMTags
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We speculated for months, and we finally got our confirmation: Glee will be taking on the show-within-a-show format next season by following some characters to New York, most likely Kurt (Chris Colfer), Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith).

But how does the cast really feel about the new direction of Glee? Colfer and Michele gave us the inside look inside Ryan Murphy's brain. Plus, they spilled on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson guest starring in season four as Kurt and Rachel's mentors.

"Next year will be a renaissance. Two shows within a show," Fox boss Kevin Reilly said today at the network's upfront presentation. "We'll follow some of our graduates to the Big Apple as they try to cut it at a college for the performing arts." So how did the stars take the news?

"We were with Ryan last night, and he gave us basically the arc of next year for our characters," Michele told us. "I just sat there and didn't speak and tried to memorize and remember everything. And things change throughout the year, but it's very exciting. I was super happy. Cory was happy."

Speaking of Cory, here's what Michele had to say about Finn and Rachel in the season finale: "There's a turn, one way or another. It's definitely left with a cliffhanger. There's a very big cliffhanger for us." Ruh-roh. Is Rachel pregnant?! Sorry, our speculation monster got all riled up inside us. Carry on.

As for Kurt and Blaine's (Darren Criss) status, come graduation, Colfer promises a definite resolution, unlike the Finchel cliffhanger. "They definitely zig and then at the end of the finale they have to zag," he says. "They are going to zig and zag. They don't really have a cliffhanger."

"Theirs is resolved one way or another," Michele adds.

As previously announced today, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson have both signed on for multi-episode arcs, and Reilly promises more big names coming for season four. Reilly called Hudson "charming and effervescent," and Michele whole-heartedly agrees.

"I've loved her since Almost Famous," she gushed. "I think she's one of the best comedic actresses. I cannot wait to work with her. What Ryan has in store for she and I is so exciting."

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