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What? You thought just because we're knee-deep in upfront madness that we'd forget about serving you your daily dose of Spoiler Chat goodness? You did? That hurts.

Today, we've got some inside info on Nate's love live, and new mission, on Gossip Girl, as well as some killer scoop on Revenge's highly anticipated finale. Oh, and we have some pretty interesting information regarding what clothes Joel McHale will be rocking on Community's finale. (Hint: It's tight. Very tight.)

And you wanna know whether Megan Hilty is off Smash? We got that too. Plus, spoilers on Glee, The Office, True Blood, Grimm and more! So what are you waiting for? Dig in...

TheGiuseppeSbre: Some scoop for Revenge season finale!
David Clarke, please take the stand and offer up some scoop! "It's unbelievable what [Mike Kelley] has done in the final episode. You will not be disappointed," James Tupper teases. "There are so many freakin' surprises, and some people get capped! Some people are gone!" Gulp!

Faye: You promised some Nate scoop in last night's Gossip Girl Redux, so spill!
Our boy is still on the hunt for love now that his girl Lola has left the Upper East Side…for good. "Ella Rae [Peck] got a pilot for NBC, so we're very excited for her, but sad for ourselves as it seems like she won't be available to do the show next year," executive producer Stephanie Savage tells us. Fortunately, another girl will be occupying Nate's precious time: Gossip Girl! Of receiving video of the infamous blogger in action, Savage teases that Nate will be on the hunt to find out their identity. "It' definitely going to be something that Nate is going to seize on and be tracking down," she explains. "We thought he had pretty good detective skills this year, so we're going to keep using them!" Nate Archibald, P.I.? We smell spinoff!

Monica: The Smash finale was crazy! Is Ivy gone for good?
Not even a little bit! We talked with Megan Hilty yesterday at the NBC upfront and she assured us she will be back in season two, and is lobbying for Ivy to get a new boyfriend. Perhaps someone who doesn't work in show business?

Christine: You guys are doing a great job on all the upfronts coverage. Keep it up!
Thanks, Mom! Your belated Mother's Day gift is on its way!

claireabell: I was excited to hear about the new Glee season four guest stars, but I'd much rather know which castmembers are going to return!
We were pleasantly surprised when we learned this, but we're right there with you on your season-four concerns. We recently caught up with the always-charming Matthew Morrison and asked him if he learned anything on their last few days on set. "It was a sad couple of weeks actually…We just didn't know who we were going to see next year or not. We don't really know much about what is going to happen next year, so it was really sad. "One thing we do know is that Morrison has his own hopes for a celeb guest spot, "If I had my dream cameo, I think it would be like Harrison Ford. I don't think he sings, but you know." Hmmm...maybe he could play an archaeology professor? Seems like a bit of a stretch.

Chris Meloni, Law and Order SVU, Ice T

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Scott: Please anything on True Blood's new season!
Anything we tell you would only pale in comparison to the recently released season-five trailer. There are tons of spoilers and a good first look at Christopher Meloni being a badass vampire. "Chris is going to kill on that show. Chris is a magnificent actor. I saw him the other night and he said, 'You haven't lived until you've driven a stake through someone's heart!'" Meloni's former Law & Order: SVU costar Ice T tells us. So yes, Meloni is literally going to kill on True Blood. We. Can't. Wait.

Drew: I need some scoop on Grimm's second season right now! So happy NBC renewed it!
Prepare to for Nick to become even more of a badass when the show returns in August! "I know Nick's going to be honing his Grimm-stincts a little bit and using his fighting skills a lot more," Dave Giuntoli tells us. "We're going to meet the Captain's family and we're going to learn about the world order and stuff like that." Is it August yet?!

Marissa: How will they take Kelly off The Office since Mindy Kaling has her own show on Fox now?
They are going to put her on a plane that crashes on an island, but the island is actually purgatory and…wait, never mind. That was something else. We don't think The Office will do anything that drastic, because, as Kaling noted to us, "There's lots of reasons why people leave an office and go somewhere else." A transfer? Quits her job to run for city council? Nobody ever mentions that Kelly has disappeared? The possibilities are endless. The only thing Kaling is sure of is that her send-off (if there is one) will be funny. She also says she can't imagine she won't continue to be involved in NBC's The Office in some way next season, even though her Fox show is a go.

Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs, Community

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Seth: Got anything to share about the Community finale on Thursday?
Are you sitting down? Because we just got a whole load of awesome intel courtesy of Joel McHale. "I'll be wearing leather pants, I am not joking, that were cut for my body. We have like an Ocean's Eleven episode where the dean has been captured and no one knows where he is and we have to go find him because Chang has taken over the school. Giancarlo Esposito is playing Chevy Chase's brother, and we all participate in a video game to win his inheritance back. I'm not joking about any of that. You top that, other television!" Consider the gauntlet thrown, son! (Also, Joel had us at leather pants.)

Eddie: Anything on the new season of Breaking Bad? I just watched every episode so far and I'm obsessed!
You know how The Avengers made a trillion dollars worldwide? Well, it sounds like Breaking Bad is trying to cash in on some of that superhero magic. Kind of. Breaking Bad is currently looking for a new character to guest star in episode six, and they want someone like "Jeremy Renner and his intensity." This new guy is formidable, self-obsessed and someone not to be messed with. Please bring in Hawkeye for this role. Thanks.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Jenna Mullins and Leanne Aguilera

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