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Check out Kristen Stewart gracing the cover of the latest edition of Elle. (From what we hear, she's on the front of the British version too, not that we can get our hands on a copy. Might a certain English boy-toy have bought them all up? Would you blame him?)

The 22-year-old Twilight phenom is wearing two incredible pieces: a sequined cut-out dress by Tom Ford, and—could it be?!—can we actually count that Mona Lisa-esque curve at the corner of her lips as a smile?

K.Stew smiling in public? Madness! Up is down. Black is white. Gay is straight. Our world has suddenly grown alien and hostile—just give us a minute to process this.

One other item of note...

Our gal-pal also knows how to swear, well, sort of. She apparently uses only one cuss word, over and over again, in her Elle interview. Here's a hint: It rhymes with "Buck" and we scream it every time we see Courtney Love's face.

Give her time. Every aspiring Joan Rivers needs to start somewhere. But one word of advice for our brunette stunner: Let's hope you don't have a curse jar at home. If so, honey, you just might die poor. Sex-ay, but poor.

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