Genevieve Sabourin


If you ask Geneviève Sabourin, she has a passion for New York.

But it's her alleged interest in Alec Baldwin that has landed her back in court.

During a routine proceeding Monday in her stalking case, a Manhattan judge extended an order of protection by another two months prohibiting the French-Canadian actress from having any contact whatsoever with the 30 Rock star.

Sabourin, 40, was popped last month on aggravated harassment and stalking charges after she showed up outside Baldwin's Greenwich Village apartment building hoping to see him.

The bust came, per the criminal complaint, after the aspiring actress turned up at the 54-year-old thespian's Hamptons estate, approached him at a screening he hosted at Lincoln Center, and sent him a flurry of emails saying she wanted to have his baby and demanding he marry her after news broke that Baldwin had gotten engaged to 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

Wearing a beige top and black skirt, the 40-year-old Sabourin did not speak during today's hearing. The next court date has been set for July 26.

Afterwards, however, she was all smiles as she left the courthouse, telling waiting reporters that she is "doing much better" since her arrest.

"I'm confident with my lawyer we are going to solve this misunderstanding," Sabourin said, adding that she loves the Big Apple, visits the city 10 weekends out of each year and considers it her second home after her native Montreal.

"I believe I'm a New Yorker, sometimes! My heart is in harmony with the place, and the people," Sabourin said.

As for the charges, defense attorney Maurice Sercarz told reporters that his client has been vilified in the press and the facts will show she did nothing improper.

"My client didn't harass anyone or stalk anyone," said the legal eagle. "As you can see, she's young and attractive and a very talented actress involved in the film industry for a very long time and that's...her side of the story."

The legal eagle stressed that the contact she did have with Baldwin was anything but criminal.

"I'm not here to cast aspersions on Mr. Baldwin," added the legal eagle. "There was a legitimate purpose. Again, I don't try my case in the media. There is a time and place for everything. The facts will emerge in due time and there is much more to the story than appeared in the media."

Sabourin, a former unit publicist, first crossed paths with Baldwin on the set of 2002's The Adventures of Pluto Nash in which he had an uncredited cameo.

The actor acknowledged having dinner with her in 2010 to offer some career advice only to end up receiving "a series of annoying and unsolicited communications" from her that continued until she was taken into custody.

A rep for Baldwin was unavailable for comment.

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