Has today been officially declared Kristen Stewart Day? Because not only did we score some glam Elle photos over the weekend (with K.Stew doing the same two-for-one stunt that boyfriend Robert Pattinson did for Premiere), but today is the long-awaited Snow White and the Huntsman premiere!

And while the SWATH red carpet is kicking off across the pond as you read, our very own Giuliana Rancic caught up with Kristen over the weekend to discuss her life in the limelight. But the Twilight star isn't complaining:

"I do whatever I want," Kristen laughed when asked if there's anything she would do if she knew she was not going to be photographed. "You can't be ashamed of what you're doing if you're doing it honestly, and I am."

Touché! That's the badass babe we know and love.

"Yeah, it's all good," Kristen continued. "Charlize [Theron] would have something hilarious to say to that, but I'm taking everything way too seriously right now."

Serious, maybe, but K.Stew isn't letting all that attention go to her head.

"I'm super challenged and satisfied, so I'm kind of distracted," she admitted when Giuliana asked how she stays so grounded. "I think this situation definitely pulls out the crazy in people…but if I was going to be a nutcase, I'd probably be a nutcase doing anything. Right now I'm just pretty happy, so I figure just forge ahead!"

Well, it's working. And we cannot wait to see her latest project, Snow White, when it hits theaters in a few weeks. Thankfully, we'll have some Kristen red carpet sightings to hold us over until then—like at today's premiere.

So grab some popcorn and head over to the Snow White and the Huntsman Facebook page to watch all of today's events on the official livestream. Who knows, maybe R.Pattz will make a surprise appearance to support his main lady?!

He is in London with her, after all.

But until then, check out Giuliana's full interview with Kristen to hear about her blingy rings ("They do mean more because of who they came from"), her love for all things movies and a little tale about "an epic goat fight." Yep, you read that right!

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