MET Gala, Sofia Vergara

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Sofia Vergara is rumored to be single these days, but she's still got one very special man in her life: her 16-year-old son Manolo Gonzalez.

In an adorable tribute to his Modern Family mom, Manolo posted a YouTube video complete with home footage clips and a sweet message for his madre.

Check it out, and then get to ready to say aww.

"What I'm most proud of is that she's still the same, she hasn't changed," Manolo says in the clip. "She has her career and she still managed to raise me at the same time—that's pretty great."

So sweet! And such a kind tribute to his single mom—Vergara married at 18 and had Manolo when she was only 20, before the Modern Family star found success on the boob tube. The adorable home footage features Vergara speaking Spanish to a young Manolo as he celebrates his first communion, and Manolo assures fans Sofia's the best mom he could ask for:

"Is my mother a good mother? Yes, she's the best," Manolo insists as the video cuts to home clips of Vergara dancing in a revealing sequin number. "She's Latin, of course, which means she's very loud, very overprotective…She's a loud Latin mother who calls my name repeatedly!"

Hmm...sounds a bit like Gloria on Modern Family! Along with clips of Sofia shouting Manolo's name, she's donning a bikini or a revealing outfit in plenty of shots—proving gal's had the same bombshell bod all her life (how does she do it?!).

Manolo ends the video with a simple, "Happy Mother's Day, I love you."

Now, wasn't that just the sweetest?!

And if you're on Mother's Day overload? Hey, at least you got to see footage of Sofia in a bikini.

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