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Warning: In this article, there are spoilers about the series finale of Desperate Housewives. Turn back now if you haven't watched the episode yet. For everyone else, keep reading.

Tonight, we said goodbye to Wisteria Lane for the last time as Desperate Housewives aired it's last episode ever. Au revoir, Ladies!

We've been promised by the cast for months now that the ending would be satisfying, though any other details about the series finale were kept under wraps. So, now that you've watched the episode, did you get the ending that satisfied you?

"Some people never get to know the folks next door."

So says Susan (Teri Hatcher) during the ladies' last poker game, which was a touching scene that set up the flash-forwards into the futures of the ladies of Wisteria Lane. How did they all end up? The short version is that they all ended up moving away from Wisteria, landing in different places.

Gabby (Eva Longoria) went from designing her own personal shopping website to getting her own show on the Home Shopping Network. Now she argues with her husband Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) in their big house in California.

Lynette (Felicity Huffman) ended up taking the job in New York, and Tom (Doug Savant) moved with her. They have a penthouse in the city, and later, six(!) grandchildren.

Bree (Marcia Cross) and her new husband Trip moved to Kentucky, and she ended up on the Kentucky State Legislature.

And Susan? Why, she moved from Wisteria Lane first, and she was there to welcome the new housewife to her home, and we found out before the screen cut to black that this new occupant has her own secrets. Looks like Wisteria Lane won't be changing, even without those ladies around. Finally, on one last drive around the block, Susan sees the ghosts of Wisteria past: from Mike to Mary Alice.

We also got a birth (Susan's grandchild), a death (RIP Mrs. McCluskey) and a wedding (Renee in a stolen wedding dress)…all in one episode! The two-hour finale certainly had a lot going on, but did it give the ladies an ending they deserved? Vote in the poll below and then head to the comments to give the girls a proper goodbye.

Desperate Housewives Finale
What did you think of the final episode?
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