We were pretty excited to see Will Ferrell back on the Saturday Night Live stage…and he didn't let us down.

The SNL alum who killed when it came to impersonating the likes of George Bush, Janet Reno and more during his tenure on the show, returned to his old stomping grounds to host the late night laugher for the third time, kicking off his stint with a Mother's Day shoutout straight from his "brain place." 

I know what I'm about to say could cause some controversy, but I love my mom!" Ferrell said in his opening monologue. "There ya go TMZ, that's for you."

And then when he went on to try to honor his mom with a Mother's Day tribute, using his own interesting words.

"I'm not so great with words…other people write what I say," Ferrell said, pulling his mom up on stage. "The words I'm saying right now are from my brain place to my mouth hole. Mom, I have love. I love the way you be, you be a big ol' mommy."

"You made milk for me…like the lady from the cover of Time magazine….I wanna cover you in super glue and roll you in flowers…if you were attacked by a dozen ninjas wearing crotchless panties, I would fight them. I would fight them hard."

So, did the Eastbound & Down star bring back any of our fave characters and impressions when he was done, um, honoring his mom?


And he brought a few more SNL alums (and celebs) along for the ride while he was at it.

Ana Gasteyer was on hand to reprise the duo's Marty and Bobbie Culp skit, performing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and Adele's "Rumor Has It," with Ferrell at a LGBT high school prom the way only the quirky pair knows how.

Meanwhile, Will Forte came back for an ESPN golf tournament bit as Greg Stink, co-hosting the show with Pete Twinkle (Jason Sudeikis). The tournament happened to be sponsored by Stayfree Maxi Pads, which the hosts made sure to mention every few seconds. Ferrell was also on hand as drunken correspondent Randy, who needed some extra time to sober up before reporting. 

"I used to be a stripper," Randy said. "I know with this body…I used to be way fatter then…but it was too much stress on my back. So, I lost weight, got a butt reduction and went into broadcasting."

But, those weren't Ferrell's only highlights. 

In the cold open, the comedy star brought back his dead-on impersonation of George Bush, this time playing the former president as the imaginary friend of a pouty vice President Joe Biden (Sudeikis). 

"Mission accomplished…that's just something I like to say when a problem isn't solved, but I don't want to talk about it anymore," Bush (Ferrell) said.

Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake were on hand for the celebration of show's 100th digital short, kicking off an epic musical number featuring Shy Ronnie (Samberg), and a killer "D-ck in a box" remix that featured a cursing Natalie Portman, Timberlake and Samberg, Jon Hamm as a shirtless saxophonist named Sergio, Michael Bolton as Jack Sparrow, Usher and Ferrell.

"I do endorse this song," Ferrell crooned during his cameo. "My Name is Will Ferrell and I'm sucking my own dong." 

Aside from performing "Climax" and "Scream," Usher also showed up in another skit—the "Funkytown Debate," playing Ferrell's running mate, Mr. Galactic Fantastic. 

Needless to say, this particular SNL was one star-studded affair. 

Even, Liam Neeson popped up to make an appearance during the "Weekend Update" for Samberg's "Get in the Cage" with Nicolas Cage (Samberg). 

So, tell us, what did you think of Ferrell's third stint as SNL host?

Sound off in the comments. 

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