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Praise snark! The exes of both Don (Jon Hamm) and Roger (John Slattery) are back in the picture after a few weeks in the wind. Have you missed Betty Draper (January Jones)? You are in luck! She returns tonight with a whole new lease on life and a very interesting support group.

Why is Betty suddenly so nice? Does she have a bigger plan? Want to know what happened in the latest Mad Men? Find out now:  


Writer Who Doesn't Write: Don hasn't been doing a whole lot of writing recently for SCDP, but he has been writing love letters. He's swimming (mostly) happily in newlywed bliss, but this episode marks the return of the grand salesman.

Running Lies: Megan has really thrown herself into the whole acting thing and she is feeling some resentment from old friends because of her perfect penthouse. But she's also dealing with some acts of rebellion from her stepdaughter, Sally (Kiernan Shipka). Sally sure is showing a bit of Betty's fire when she confronts Megan about some Anna Draper lies. 

Welcome Back, Betty: Our dear fat Betty is back! And she's drowning her hating-Megan (Jessica Paré) sorrows in whipped cream. She is making strides to change her life, joining Weight Watchers to help defeat the monster that is her desire for two sundaes. We know Betty has always been desperately sad, but sadness turns into spite when she purposefully tries to blow the lid off the whole first-Mrs. Draper secret.  

Playing Wife: Roger's estranged wife, Jane (Peyton List) is back, and he needs her help or a particular reason: to appeal to Jewish clients. Of course, that sizzle is still there between them, the one they had long before they got married. While he has fun and no regrets, she's sad that he's tainted yet another apartment when she was hoping to move on. 


"She's insane, she needs a drink." —Megan

"You assume that I'm Jewish." —Ginsberg (Ben Feldman)

"Fine, just keep digging yourself deeper." —Sally

"Are you going to make yourself cry?" —Sally

"I'm not an airplane either, I can write for anything." —Peggy (Elisabeth Moss)

"Am I the only one who can work and drink at the same time?" —Peggy

Did you like tonight's episode? Is Betty floundering in her efforts to stir up the new Drapers? Did Roger use Jane badly? Head to the comments!

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