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Dear Ted:
Hope all is well. I have to ask, what do Jessica Biel's family and friends really think of Justin Timberlake. I'm guessing they support Jess unconditionally, but if it were my family, they wouldn't be too impressed! Daddy always said his little girl deserves the best! All the best love!
Girl Power

Dear Timberbiel to the Aisle!:
Despite the recent reports that Jessica's fam disapproves of Justin, I wouldn't jump to any sort of Timberlake-bashing conclusion. True, this couple has had their fair share of rough patches, but what couple in H'wood hasn't. Bottom line: J.T. put a (big) ring on it and Jessica seems happier than ever. I'm sure that's enough for her family and friends.

Dear Ted:  
I discovered your Awful Truth years ago while looking for info about Robert Pattinson on the net, and I became a regular lurker. I'm stunned by the fact that after four years Rob and Kristen Stewart, each apart or together, still manage to dominate the threads on a daily base. Every time I see more than 100 comments, I know they're about them, no matter what the article is about. So I wondered: Have you experienced this before? Celebrities (not reality-show attention-seekers) who, unintentionally, have such a passionate, obsessed fandom as Rob and Kris? Thanks a lot.

Dear Robsten Nation:
Pretty crazy huh, N? But ‘tis the powers of Twilight! The whole onscreen couple turned real-life romance pretty much sent every Twi-hard into a permanent tizzy, and it's a tough sitch to duplicate. I would say the closest would be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in their post-Mr. & Mrs. Smith days, but unless Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson hook up, expect Robsten to continue their worldwide domination.

Dear Ted:  
How about some new scoop? Sex and the City 3 in the works? Forget the prequel stuff…we want to see the natural progression of life! This should include Miranda and Steve having three more kids, Carrie transitioning from columnist to serious author and being the sole breadwinner after Big's deals go south, Charlotte goes back to work with Harry's support and Samantha rekindles her relationship with Jerrod as the real thing. Feel free to pass on all these ideas. Oh, and we learn that Stanford and Anthony really are relationship types and they adopt. Signed,
Screenwriter in another life

Dear Excuse Me?:
Sorry future screenwriter, but I suggest you come up with another idea if you're trying to cash in. I seriously doubt a SATC 3 would happen after the so-so success of SATC 2. And what's so bad about the prequel? The CW officially picked up the Carrie Diaries pilot, so best to get on the prequel bandwagon! Annasophia Robb (who plays Carrie) is shaping up to be the next big boob-tube star.

Dear Ted:  
With all this talk about Fifty Shades of Grey and the role belonging to Rob and Kristen, how come nobody has mentioned the actors Stephenie Meyer originally wanted for the roles of Bella and Edward, Emily Browning and Henry Cavill? Both actors are comfortable with nudity, and both were Meyer's personal choice for the characters. Therefore, wouldn't that make them the perfect Christian and Ana?

Dear Fifty Years Later:
Although I am a fan of both of your casting suggestions, you must keep two things in mind: Stephenie suggested those two actors ages ago (OK, four years, but still, a lot has changed) and this is E.L. James' novel, not Stephenie's. Although it began as Twilight fan fiction, Meyer's not the head honcho when it comes to this casting couch. But I would kill to hear her picks for the porno-parts.

Dear Ted:
I'm a big Gossip Girl fan. I was wondering why Leighton Meester does not seem to enjoy a lot of media attention as compared to Blake Lively? Blake appears in a lot of high-profile movies while Leighton does not. Stay fab!

Dear Gossip on the Gossip Gals:
If tabloid fame's what Leighton desires, then she should take a hint from Ms. Lively—Blake's killer fashion and sexy relaysh with Ryan Reynolds keeps her at the top of her tabloid game. And although I agree that Leighton hasn't shared the same level of success as Blake, it will be interesting to see what the gal does in her post-Gossip Girl days. She's gorgeous and she's got the bitchy 'tude down pat—it's a tough transition from the boob tube to the big screen, but methinks Ms. Meester can pull it off (in something better than The Roommate).

Dear Ted:
Ted, Teddy, Tedworth, Colin Egglesfield is Christian Grey. I haven't found Anastasia yet, but Lily Collins it ain't. Oh, I heard Jennifer Love Hewitt was interested, which would mean I'm not. Love you, love Ask Ted, keep doing what you do. I'll be over here, reading Fifty Shades over and over...Smooches.

Dear Fifty Freak:
Colin Egglesfield's not a bad idea, Kel. He's definitely got the look, and his roles on The Client List and All My Children have certainly prepared the dude for lots of drama and onscreen nudity. That being said, A.Skars is still our top choice for Christian and we're sticking to our Lily Collins suggestion. Oh, and you can rest assured, because J.Love is far too old for Anastasia. Now, go back to reading and we'll keep brainstorming for that epic casting couch. Sound good?  

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