Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Taylor Swift

Harper’s Bazaar

Dear Ted:
How about Taylor Swift for Fifty Shades of Grey? I think that would be a great way for her to show she's a mature woman and a great actress. From watching her guest performance on CSI, I really think she is. Also, what happened to her friendship with Dianna Agron? We never hear about them now. I was kind of rooting for them as friends.
—A Swifty Supporter

Dear Yes:
Yes, yes, and yes. I will pay to see that, for many different reasons (though I must disagree with you on whether T.Swift's small-screen guest appearance was Emmy-worthy). As for Di and Tay, they hung out like…last week. Don't know what you're talking about, doll, everything is fine between the besties.

Dear Ted:
I have to ask, does anyone really care if John Travolta is gay or not anymore? It's not like he's going to be starring as a leading man again. Sean Connery he ain't.

Dear Massaging the Truth:
What? You mean the sordid rumor mill could put his role in Hairspray 2 in jeopardy?! First of all, let's just wait until the details to come out in court before counting your eggs, mama, and, as for his career, I would not count John out of anything. Career resurrections happen all the time in this town.

Dear Ted:
You haven't once mentioned your thoughts on Henry Cavill for Fifty Shades' Christian. Does he just not do it for you?

Dear Supersnore:
He's sexy, all right, but he doesn't have that steamy passion boiling in his belly that's necessary to play Mr. Grey. Or maybe I'm just letting his nice guy, vanilla persona from real life cloud my judgment. Either way, I think he'll have bigger plans than Fifty Shades once his superflick comes out.

Dear Ted:
I know you're all about Alexander Skarsgård for Christian Grey, but how about Shiloh Fernandez? He has such chemistry with the women he plays against, and he is so damn beautiful.
—Love, Tinker

Dear Red Riding Room:
For those saying, "Who?!", Shiloh wooed Amanda Seyfried in that horrid adaptation of the big bad wolf movie. And as for his likelihood of being cast in another big-budget flick, I wouldn't hold your breath. From what I hear, studios aren't exactly clamoring to work with him.

Dear Ted:
Are you as happy and proud as I am that President Barack Obama has endorsed gay marriage? I noticed you haven't commented on it in your column yet. Is it too political or controversial to write about in the A.T.?
—Fellow Animal Lover

Dear Controversy Queen:
Too political or controversial for me? Ha! Look, I'm thrilled that Obama has (finally) said he supports same-sex marriage. It's about time. Now who's next?!

Dear Ted:
Not sure if this has been asked before, but I'd love to know. If anyone ran into you in say, Starbucks or something and asked you to reveal a Blind Vice (Toothy Tile or any B.V. superstar) would ya? Love the blolumn!

Dear Are You Kidding?!:
I never reveal my secrets or sources. Sorry, Tweety, but thanks for the love!

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