Desperate Housewives Cast


"We've been on en emotional roller coaster, it's been so crazy!" says Eva Longoria

The series finale of Desperate Housewives is quickly approaching, but many aren't prepared to see the Sunday-night era end.

At the soap's finale bash we caught up with Longoria, Felicity Huffman and Vanessa L Williams, who shared all the details from their emotional last day of filming—including what the ladies snagged from set! Plus, ever wonder just how many deaths there have been on Wisteria Lane? The exact number will shock you!

The finale party celebrated the show's eight-year run on ABC, but unfortunately not everyone was able to attend. Huffman explained, "There have been 87 deaths on the lane, I believe, so unfortunately they're not [all] here." Note to self: Never, ever move to Wisteria Lane.

Although the Desperate Housewives are now sad to see their alter egos leave, Huffman tells us they initially had high hopes on their last day of filming. "It was really wonderful—we started out excited and everyone was like, 'Oh last day!' And as we closed into the last couple of hours there was a lot of crying."

Williams recalled the last day to have a strong "intimate" family feel. "A lot of people that weren't shooting came for the very, very last frame, which we did in Lynette's kitchen by her table, [where] a lot of us have had coffee in many scenes." Aww, memories!

But it seems like Eva had one of the most emotional reactions on set: "The minute they said, 'That's a wrap!' my heart just fell and my body collapsed, and I said I can't believe this is the last scene I'm going to film as Gabby." Reminisces Longoria, "That's the last scene I'm going to film with these wonderful women that I've spent years with. So it was emotional but bittersweet. Everyone was so happy the way we ended and the success we've had and the journey we've been on."

The ladies also told us exactly which items they stole—er, permanently borrowed—from the set. Most of the things were small; Longoria took a coffee mug and some jeans, but Huffman jokes that she should have gone for the goods. "I took Lynette's coffee pot, which compared to Gabby's Aston Martin seems lame. I should have taken her car instead!"

Vanessa, on the other hand, literally walked off with her souvenir: "My YSL shoes were Renee's, those were the one thing that I said, 'Listen, I'm walking out with them right now, goodbye.' So ABC, yes, I'll pay you back if you really must." Hmm, think she will?

Desperate Housewives' series finale airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Are you sad to see the show end? What was your favorite Wisteria Lane moment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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