Is there a Gossip Girl betrayal headed our way in the finale?

We dug up scoop on a situation that has G.G. fans crying out in revolt, and we know that Vampire Diaries finale was a doozy, so we got some info on next season for you, too. All that, plus Grey's Anatomy, Smash, Once Upon a Time and more in today's Spoiler Chat…

lari_mrt88: Do you know something about G.G. season finale? Dan and Serena will really have sex? I hope not.
You can officially breathe a sigh of relief, if you aren't a Derena fan that is, as we we know that Dan and Serena will not be getting busy in "Return of the Ring." Whether or not they share some kind of moment…sorry! Our lips are sealed.

Isa_CalAriFan: Who dies on Grey's finale?!?!?!
Too soon, Isa. Too soon. We're not sure we are ready to talk about that shocking plane crash just yet. OK, fine you've twisted our arms. So in light of the recent contract renewals (unless they are big, elaborate red herrings to fool us) it might be safe to rule out Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Bailey, Alex and Webber. So assuming someone doesn't die while sitting back in Seattle Grace that leaves Arizona, Mark and Lexie on the chopping block. Sob! Nope, nope. We're not ready to speculate.

katienicole11: Gossip Girl or Once Upon a Time scoop pretty please?!
Scroll up for G.G. scoop, yo! But since you asked so nicely...Once Upon a Time scoop it is! Do you like Sebastian Stan as Jefferson? Because last week's magic mission with Regina was not the last time we'll see him. In fact, cocreator Adam Horowitz says, "Absolutely. We are going to see Jefferson again." And we know he's going to be meeting up with another fairytale favorite in the finale.

Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Smash


Carly: Will Ivy get what's coming to her in the season finale of Smash?
All we will say is that everything that happens to Ivy (Megan Hilty) in the Smash finale will be all her own doing.

Madison: Please tell me that Caroline and Tyler will be OK after last night's Vampire Diaries finale! My Forwood heart is breaking!
Hate to break it you to, but it seems like Klaus will be sittin' pretty in Tyler's body for at least a little while. So what does Michael Trevino want to see for the seemingly doomed couple in season four? "Just life without Klaus. To see him finally gone and not getting in the way and not being a distraction; how their relationship would go," Trevino says. "Would it be just as bad as it is right now? Or maybe it isn't. I want to see them get closer…if that's even possible." Yeah, we're pretty sure Klaus isn't going to let that happen anytime soon. Sorry, bud!

Daniellegirli Please give me anything on what we will see Lucy Messer doing on the CSI:NY season finale? I'm impatient!
The wait is almost over, but we do have some scoop for you. Showrunner Zach Reiter assures us that Danny-Lindsay fans will get an indication of where the crime fighting duo are headed personally and professionally in the season finale. That's got to include Lucy, right? Excited yet?

Francis: Any scoop on Californication? Can't wait for it to come back!
Californication is totally jackin' Coachella's Tupac hologram trick! The show is currently courting a major star to appear as a hologram version of themselves at their own funeral to deliver an epic from-beyond-the-grave speech. Talk about meta!

—Addtional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling and Jenna Mullins

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