Amber Riley

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Amber Riley insists she's just getting psyched for summer vacation, not dropping out of school entirely.

Glee's Mercedes Jones took to Twitter to put out a rumor fire that she unintentionally started herself when she wrote yesterday that she had "just closed a chapter" in her life.

Didn't Riley realize that Glee fans were going to seize on any iota of scoop they could get their hands on so close to the Fox hit's season finale? Well, she certainly realizes that now.

"My tweet apparently has been misconstrued," she tweeted this afternoon. "I was not confirming I was leaving the show. Just stating that I would miss being in the classroom everyday with the cast and that would be changing. Thanks for the support guys :)"

Riley is, of course, one of Glee's so-called graduating seniors, so it wasn't that far-fetched to think the season finale would feature her literal swan song.

"That's the good and bad thing about twitter," she continued. "It can be used to extinguish rumors but it also spreads them like wildfire!"

A rep for Riley had no comment on the 26-year-old actress' future role on the show. But, for now at least, it doesn't sound as if Mercedes will be driving into the sunset.

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