We admit it, we got comfortable. We had settled into a lovely pattern of laughing at the residents' job interviews and board exams and forgot just how gut-wrenching the lead up to a Grey's Anatomy season finale could truly be.

Fair warning, this post is filled with mind-blowing and supershocking spoilers, so if you don't want to know what happened in the episode, it's time to run far far away.

What to know where the doctors decided to go for work? Were you ready for the big gigantic cliffhanger that will require us to go to months of therapy? Find out now:


Final Flight: It's hard to type we are shaking so badly. What the hell? Did that seriously just happen? A freaking plane crash! Sure, we should have expected it—Shonda Rhimes hasn't tried to kill a mass group of main characters with an airplane before. But what's even worse is we have to wait a whole week to find out who dies. At least we'll have plenty of time to stock up on tissues.

Adios, April: Poor April (Sarah Drew) failed her board exams and now can't get a job. She's moping around feeling sorry for herself and not taking anymore bad-news phone calls. Fortunately, Cristina (Sandra Oh) is there to pretend to be her, and maybe it's for the best because Cristina does a great April impression. We do actually feel sorry for April, but after what happened in the final minutes of the episode nothing else matters. Our emotions! Our emotions!

Decision Deadline: Our residents are scattering into the wind. Everyone wrestled with decisions about where they were choosing to accept new positions. Just when it looked like a Cristina-Owen reunion was around the corner, she announced she was going to Mayo.  We admit Owen's (Kevin McKidd) postcoital sentiments were sweet, but we were still reeling from Cristina's rejection of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) as "her person." But is it all a moot point when death is on the line?

No Wedding Bells: So Ben (Jason George) was pretty grumpy all episode. Turns out that his perfect day for Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was actually an elaborate proposal attempt. Turns out Bailey didn't have to finish that crossword puzzle after all because Ben's accepted a new job as well.


"I'm sorry I messed up your proposal. But I'm wearing a thong and this is as sorry as I get." —Bailey

"Oh no, they did. I just figured that's what you'd sound like in the face of rejection." —Cristina

"Mark'll buy it. His dreams have always been my dreams." —Derek (Patrick Dempsey)

"She's not leaving you, she's leaving me." —Owen

"No one's ever wanted me like this." —Alex (Justin Chambers)

"He should be with someone who wants a baby. And you should be with someone who wants you."  —Meredith

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Finale Farewell: So we know a few things about the finale: (1) is the OMG plane crash; (2) someone dies and said death had the whole cast bawling; and (3) there is a big ole cliffhanger.  We are in quite the conundrum. We're desperate to know whose life is on the line, but emotionally we aren't ready to know.

Critical Contracts: Just in time for tonight's crazy crash we learned that some very important Grey's cast members renewed their contracts for two more seasons. Looks like Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Bailey, Chief Webber and Alex could be hanging around the Seattle Grace halls for a bit longer. 

Are you still stunned by that episode ender? Who do you think won't make it out alive? Group hug time in the comments!

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