Johnny Depp


Dear Ted:
I saw Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer on Ellen promoting Dark Shadows. There seemed to be some sexual tension between the two...any whispers of something more between them?

Dear Onto Something:
Yeah, it's called ticket sales. It's also called going against the grain and, as a result, America thinking you're a player. Johnny never married the mom to his kids, Vanessa Paradis (whom he's often separated from), so everybody just assumes Depp's off with every one of his costars. Uh, not happening. Certainly not with the married Pfieffer or the very committed Angelina Jolie But, must say, were Michelle and Johnny to change their minds (and partners)…ooh la la!

Dear Ted:
I love reading your blog in the morning with my pup Chuckles snuggling on my feet. I heard the remaining original cast of Grey's Anatomy have signed on for another two years. Any Vice activity on that set? Or are things pretty boring now that the trouble of years passed seems to have died down? Hugs to your fur friends!

Dear Anatomy of Blah:
Great show to watch but not behind the cameras. Trust me, showrunner Shonda Rimes (who's really preferring her gossip to be scripted these days, like with the terrific new Scandal) had her fill with the much publicized doings of Isaiah Washington, T.R. Knight and diva Katherine Heigl. She did not care for the grand-dame and gay-baiting period of Grey's—at all. And the only people who know better than Shonda that it could have all been avoided in the first place are the ones who currently work for her.

Dear Ted:
Between Twitter and conveniently placed paparazzi it seems like Jared Padalecki (or maybe his PR person) has finally started playing the game and letting his fans into more of his private life. Any chance of Jensen Ackles becoming less reclusive?

Dear Don't Count On It:
Not unless you consider something along the likes of a prearranged People "exclusive" showing Jensen pretending to drink a cup of coffee an intimate thing.

Dear Ted:
I saw Battleship yesterday and Taylor Kitsch is so incredibly hot! He'll always be Tim Riggins to me, but I got to admit that the short hair makes him look even more breathtaking. Is there any lady in his life? I know he doesn't like to be exposed to the paparazzi and we know very little about his personal life. Does he have any Vices? And please, can we make a campaign to convince everyone, including him, to play Finnick Odair? I can't imagine any other guy in that role!

Dear Friday Night Special:
First things first: Tim as Finnick? Hot! I've been saying it all along. Secondly, a girlfriend for Taylor? Not from what I hear. Though I do believe he interviews for the position quite frequently. Were you hoping to be considered, M? By the way, don't agree on the hair...loved it long. Not enough guys do that—or really know how to carry it off like Taylor did.

Dear Ted:
Is there a snowball's chance in Hades that Robsten would in any way do Fifty Shades? After all, it was written with Edward and Bella in mind to begin with and it is very "edgy" which is just the kind of roles Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are going for now.

Dear Brilliant Coup:
Wouldn't it be the best casting? Ever? As E.L. James is really nothing more than a Bella and Edward super fan who took their relationship to where it should have gone, but—thanks to Mormon mommy Stephenie Meyer—never did. We also both know this Fifty dream duo will never materialize. Although I wouldn't rule out Rob and Kristen doing something, uh, less pornographic, at some point in the future.

Dear Ted:
Without asking all the obvious questions, is Travolta on a downward spiral? Karma's a bitch, Johnny...

Dear Don't Be Too Quick:
You know how many times Tom Cruise has been accused of things in his life? He's not doing too badly. Also, remember, these Travolta accusers are being anonymous and weird, not good for their case.

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