Dear Ted:
Are Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick really a couple?

Dear Princess of Persia:
Moo, I expect more from you! If you read the whole item, you'd know that the two are not together, they just got muy comfortable with each other during filming End of Watch, so it sorta seemed like they were dating. I'm actually surprised there weren't more rumors, though—they have surprisingly hot chemistry. Much more than Jake's costar Reese Witherspoon who he did hook up with at one time.

Dear Ted:
It's been a while since you mentioned her, so I've got to ask how the stunning and sassy Kiki Doheny is doing these days? Any new projects coming up for her? Or any new lovers? She's one of my favorites, and I hope she's doing well! Much love to you and yours.

Dear Let's Have a Kiki:
Actually, Ms. Doheny is doing pretty damn good. Her IMDb page is blowing up (this chick is seriously locking down projects left and right) and not only does she have a new lover, but she has a boyfriend. Just labeling him that is a serious step for Kik.

Dear Ted:
I have to ask, is Claire Danes our dear Harriet Talons?

Dear You Can Never Go Home(land):
Nope! Harriet's show is far less critically acclaimed—at least these days.

Dear Ted:
I just wanted to ask if you saw the pictures of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the Met Gala. Ignore her dress. They looked pretty cute and happy together, no? Come on, how can you see that picture with their foreheads touching and not think they are adorable and root for them? Not to mention the hashtag game they had on Twitter last night.

Dear Picture Perfect:
I'm rooting for them, Megsy. Never said I wasn't. I just know the challenges they're going to face. But they both seem very dedicated to making it working and keeping those glistening smiles going, so things are looking good, no?

Dear Ted:
When it come to celebs being sued or being accused of something, why does it happen at the most random times? Like this John Travolta mess. Why is this ''John Doe'' person coming out now? And not when it allegedly happened back in January? Does this person just want his 15 minutes, or does he have a case?

Dear Saturday Night Scheming?
Is there a perfect time to sue someone for massage session sexual harassment?! No. But as for why Mr. Doe came forward now, can't say. I can only assume there was some workings behind the scenes. And as for your last Q, Johnny's camp says no, Doe's camp says hell yes he has a case. We'll have to wait and see if there's a smoking gun of sorts.

Dear Ted:
Quickie for you: Does Sofia Vergara have a Blind Vice? Ciao for now!

Dear Quickie Right Back:
Nope! But if she's single and ready to mingle (as some are reporting), it's seemingly only a matter of time…

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