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And then there were three. 

Elimination nights are always quite the nail-biters at American Idol, but Thursday had whole hands nearly gnawed off in anticipation of finding out who had to say goodbye to their Idol dream, leaving the final three one inch closer to the finale. 

So what did the eliminated have to say about getting the boot, and who was Jennifer Lopez laying some serious PDA on? Hint: It wasn't current boy-toy Casper Smart! We got the scoop after the show!

Last night's performance show was no doubt a ridiculous display of talent that got everyone on their feet, leaving voters with some tough decisions. However, someone had to go and after weeks of landing in the bottom three, Hollie Cavanagh couldn't dodge elimination any longer and was set center stage to sing her swan song.

Hollie's elimination was by no means a huge shock to the competition, and when we caught up with the blonde after the show, she had nothing but smiles and positivity to share.

"I'm doing fine," she told us. "You can't really complain when you're at top four. There's so many people previously in the competition that would die to be at this spot, so I'm just proud of myself at this point. I woke up this morning with a little gut feeling, just like, OK. You just know. You take this whole journey with people and when you get eliminated, it's emotional. I was fine, but when I saw Joshua [Ledet] crying, I got teary-eyed!"

With judge Randy Jackson telling Hollie that her, "Talent and attitude is what the show is about,"  she is nothing short of inspired to keep pursuing a career in music. 

"Now I'm just looking to see what the future will bring and not look down," she spilled. "I have no regrets through this whole thing. I've seen myself grow and I'm proud of myself, so I don't take anything back."

As for Jennifer's "live performance" of "Dance Again," there's really not much to say since it was a pretape from last week. Feign shock! Again audience members were ticked off and talking trash over their disappointment. Same story, different week.

Pretaped performance anger aside, Jennifer did give the audience a live show while spreading some serious PDA around the judges table. As much as we'd love to report that Jennifer and Casper were pawing at each other during commercial break, it was Jennifer's twins, Max and Emme, that had everyone fixated. The twins are beyond adorable in person. It was amazing to see Jennifer's celebrity front fall as she went right into mommy mode, holding Max and Emme on each of her hips. 

Completely unconcerned about mussed hair or possible wrinkles in her outfit, J.Lo let the twins crawl all over her, kissing and hugging. There is not a shadow of a doubt that Jennifer is a terrific mom and absolutely head-over-heels in love with her children. OK, now time for the collective, "Awww!"

The final three have one more week to prove themselves in hopes of securing a spot in the finale. Who do you tink it will be? Are you sad to see Hollie go? Let us know in the comments!

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