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Good news for Al Roker: His job security has never been higher.

It would seem that a royal's work is never done, and Prince Charles proved it today when he dropped by the BBC's Scottish HQ, where he was quickly enlisted to deliver an on-air weather report to his subjects. And while he started out with just as much on-camera ease and charisma as you'd expect…well, prepare to be amused by the most unexpected of stiff-upper-lip–breaking outbursts.

And now, here's Prince Charles with the weather…

Prince Charles—or, as he's known in that particular neck of the United Kingdom, the Duke of Rothesay—made the surprise appearance after he and Camilla took a tour of the Glasgow broadcast center.

"We've got a new member of our weather team tonight, and let me hand it to him now. Your Highness," the anchor said, introducing Charles.

With that, he was off, delivering a weather report against a green screen and reading from a prompter that made sure to cheekily highlight the temperatures around the castles and various royal residences around the U.K.—something Charles seemed to catch on to midway through his delivery.

"There's potential for a few flurries over Balmoral—who the hell wrote this script," he said, prompting much laughter from those in the studio.

We don't know, but considering they somehow managed to humanize the future king in a minutelong weather report, we don't think a knighthood should be completely out of the question.

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