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If you ask Kris Jenner, it was an inside job.

The Kardashian matriarch's Twitter account was hacked yesterday by some enterprising prankster (or pranksters) with a thing for toilet humor who posted a big fat photo of—there's no other polite way to say it—poo.

Talk about a crappy Mother's Day gift!

"Uh yes I got hacked so sorry dolls!!!! I'm guessing it's @ScottDisick ??? Or @KendallJenner @Kylie Jenner ??? Thoughts???!!!!!!!" Kris tweeted.

The hilarity started when the hacker(s) (according to Kris, her family are the prime suspects) put up a nasty pic along with text referencing a lyric from Jay-Z's hit song "99 Problems."

"The after math #99problemsands--tis1," went the post along with a shot of the offending excrement.

A series of dirty Twitter exchanges ensued that sounded more like something out of a South Park episode than Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Upon seeing the turd, a good-humored Kris offered up a Twitpic of her shocked reaction.

"Holy s--t stains," Jenner noted. "I just sharted myself. That's when u fart and u s--t yourself on accident!"

In a subsequent message to friend and Dancing With the Stars hoofer Mark Ballas, she called it a dirty Mother's Day joke.

"@MarkBallas no!!!!!! I got hacked by my kids!!!!!!! Ugh happy mothers day!! Ha!" she wrote.

Naturally, it didn't' take long before daughter Kim Kardashian chimed in.

"Ummmmm EWWWWW MOM!!!!????? @KrisJenner who hacked your twitter???? This isn't funny!" the reality star tweeted.

As did sister Kourtney:

"Haven't laughed so hard in a while!" she said. "Crying about the tweets @ScottDisick @KendallJenner @KylieJenner sent from @KrisJenner account tonight!"

Those Kardashians are funny, aren't they?

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