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Glee graduation is upon us, and we know for sure we'll be crying by season's end, but where will end up in season four?

Don't worry, we've got one of our favorite Glee castmembers to spill on what's coming next for McKinley High's senior class. And what will happen between Stefan, Elena and Damon in the Vampire Diaries finale? All that, plus scoop on Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, House and more in today's serving of Spoiler Chat…

Claire in Las Vegas: Is anyone else majorly confused as to how many places we're focusing on in season four of Glee? Help! 
We'll admit we were kind of confused but our friend Cory Monteith told us there's no need to panic! "There's a lot of really cool ideas about how the show is going to focus on different geographical areas." So far we've learned that NYC, Los Angeles, Louisville, and Lima are just a few of the cities that we could be seeing some of our McKinley High seniors next year. But exactly how Glee will be showing all of these new places and who will be featured is still ridiculously hush-hush. Luckily for you, we were able to sweet-talk Cory into telling us one important thing: "It's still going to be Glee, but it's going to be a lot different." Remember to stay on the bright side Gleeks! Change can be a good thing. 

_CantShakeHim: Any scoop on Damon and Elena, please? There has been nothing on them, so far.
Bad news first? Elena will share a kiss with Stefan in the finale. Sorry to burst your Delena lovin' bubble! Good news? Nina Dobrev assures us there are "absolutely" moments between Damon and Elena that will make fans happy. Check back with us a little later today for more Vampire Diaries scoop courtesy of Nina!

Jesse Spencer, House

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Verónica: Will we see Jesse Spencer in the last two episodes of House? Or was Monday's his last episode?
Not saying a word about the finale, but he isn't in next week's episode of House. But you know who is? Olivia Wilde, whose character Thirteen plays a huge role in helping House (Hugh Laurie) deal with Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) treatment decision. It's a very moving scene—one of our favorite of the episode. And that's saying something because next week's episode packs a bone-crushing emotional punch.

Bronzie88: Anything on the KING IN THE NORTH?
First, kudos to you for knowing it's King in the North, not of the North. Well done. While it probably wouldn't happen anytime soon, Richard Madden tells us he's dying for Robb and Joffrey to come face-to-face. "I'd like to see Robb and Joffrey have a scene together, and I kind of think I know how it would end," he teases. "He'd cut his head off completely. In a second." Hmmm...maybe Game of Thrones should make Richard a writer? All in favor say 'Aye'!

Tony: Got anything on the PREX finale?
Only that your favorite Parks and Rec person will be around for the celebration of Leslie Knope's win. Or the mourning of her loss. Which one is it? We'll find out tonight!  



kbenko6: Anything you can spill on Once Upon a Time finale that we don't already have?
Just that it's going to be a very tough hour for Regina. Cocreator Edward Kitsis tells us, "Regina enacted a curse for revenge that left a hole in her heart that she's trying to fill with Henry." She's always so in control and so calculated, but will seeing Henry in danger because of her apple tart of doom push her over the edge? Kitsis promises, "This will test her unlike any other."

Abster112: The VP and Cyrus were both killed off from Grey's Anatomy…does that mean we will see more GA cast members on Scandal?
Sorry, but no one else from Seattle Grace will be making the trek to Washington, D.C. in Scandal's final two episodes of the season. However, you can expect the finale to have some crazy awesome twists for both Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Vice President Sally Langston (Kate Burton), twists that have the potential to rock the drama's fictional political world. Hint: Sally's twist involved one of her family members.

Kyle: Anything on the new season of Weeds?
We hear Weeds is circling around a pretty big name to play a middle-age WASPy guy who has it out for Doug (Kevin Nealon) in the new season. Why does he want revenge? Dog crap. You want intriguing plot lines on Weeds? As you wish.

Jennifer: Jack is kind of a jerk on White Heat, is it wrong that I still love him?
Absolutely not. He's firmly in the love-hate category for us right now, and, there'll be times you want to throw things at his head but Sam Claflin kindly calls him, "A lovable rogue." Jack's journey in the BBC America series is (at times) infuriating, but completely heartbreaking. Some of Claflin's best work is yet to come, especially when it involves Charlotte and his complicated relationship with his father: "He just wants to be loved but he doesn't know how to accept people into his life with open arms. He's damaged in some ways."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling & Leanne Aguilera

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