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Dear Ted:
My rescue Sam and I have have have to know: Do these allegations against John Travolta surprise you or was it only a matter of time?

Dear Are You Kidding?
Matter of time? These men who are claiming they were "assaulted" by John are hardly Travolta's first battle with accusers and the tabloid press. John's an expert at laughing at his detractors while his lawyers spit at them. It's an interesting arrangement, seems to be working, but, for how much longer will it last? Who knows.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Jennifer Aniston She has been MIA lately. Any scope for us? Thanks!

Dear Heaven Above:
Did you mean scope or scoop? Same difference, I suppose, at least with Ms. Jen, who you've always gotta have a lot of perspective on when you're gossiping about her. She always takes the easier, Zen road, never anything rushed (like kids for publicity or knee-jerk relationships). Jen's the epitome of taking her sweet time, thank you, and that's exactly what she's doing with her current beau, Justin Theroux She's got a couple of movies she's working on, too, plus remember she had pretty good notices for Horrible Bosses. Jen's hardly mildewing away.

Dear Ted:
A while back you stated that while Madeline Stowe was not Harriet Talons, they were both Golden Globes babes. Pretty please, can you clarify whether you meant nominated or winners? That makes a huge difference in my BV sleuthing. Lots of love,

Dear Love Ya Back:

Dear Ted:
Is Jennifer Lawrence dating Josh Hutcherson or Nick Hoult?

Dear Mushy Moniker:
This is not, I repeat, not, another Robsten Mr. Hoult is the lucky fellah.

Dear Ted:
I think it is time to start a book club. Every book you start talking about I end up having to go read and get hooked. First it was Twilight, then The Hunger Games and now of course Fifty Shades of Grey. Speaking of Fifty, what say you about Alex Pettyfer and Nina Dobrev as Christian and Ana? I think they would be absolutely perfect! And even though I am not a Blake Lively fan, I do think she would make a perfect Kate. What's your opinion of my dream cast?

Dear Love It All:
But, only as a backup should my favorite for Christian—Alexander Skarsgård—not materialize. P.S. Love the Blake casting, very inspired and right on.

Dear Ted:
With all of these alleged accusations that are coming out against John Travolta, it makes me have to ask if these types of behaviors are related to his Blind Vice?

Dear Wouldn't You Love To Know:
Darling, not touching that one with a ten-foot Chinese restaurant receipt.

Dear Ted:
This is just one straight girl's opinion, but I believe closeted celebrities only facilitate the travesty that went on in North Carolina this week. Correct me if I am wrong, but in most cases these stars are already out with loved ones and in Hollywood. Staying closeted is just a matter of public persona and box-office figures. What does that say to young gay teens who are truly afraid to come out in their personal lives? That you have to hide who you are and create a fake family so "Middle America" will pay to see your movies? What say you Ted?

Dear Agreed:
I agree with both you and George Clooney, who insists that gay marriage is "the last leg of the civil rights movement." It's simply a matter of time. This despite Neanderthal moves like the recent one in North Carolina banning gay marriage. Specifically, as to Hollywood closeted unions, I say quit looking for celebrities to make your decisions for you. Period. Do what you think is right.

Dear Ted:
What about a soccer player to play Christian Grey? Yoann Gourcuff and Gerard Pique would be perfect! But OK since that seems unlikely, I really hope Ian Somerhalder gets the role! As much as I love A.Skars, I think Ian would be much more great!

Dear Getting Outta Hand:
Jeez, on that athletic note, why not go against type and cast Tim Tebow as Christian?

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