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Is Tyler (Michael Trevino) leaving Mystic Falls...again?!

It's no secret that The Vampire Diaries isn't afraid to send off its beloved characters, none more so than Tyler, the hybrid who seems to take an annual retreat away from Mystic Falls each season. But will Tyler be making his next exit from town a more permanent one? And will he be bringing girlfriend Caroline (Candice Accola) away with him?

We chatted with Trevino about Tyler's possible exit in The Vampire Diaries' highly anticipated finale and why the hour's final moments will make fans say "Holy s--t!" Plus, we find out if we'll be seeing the return of evil-jock Tyler in the finale's flashbacks.

Apologies to the fans who enjoyed the Tyler from season one (bully that he was), but Trevino says you won't be seeing Tyler in the flashbacks.

"No, Tyler is probably giving some nerd a wedgie in one of the hallways. He's probably stealing someone's food in the cafeteria, hitting on some girl, all while wearing his letterman jacket," he jokes. "He's just too busy doing douchebag kind of things! We only have 42 minutes to put in awesomeness in our finale, so there was no time for Tyler."

Fret not, Tyler fans! Just because he isn't part of the flashbacks doesn't mean he's absent from the present-day shenanigans, thanks to Alaric (Matt Davis) outing him as a hybrid and Caroline as a vampire to the council at the end of last week's episode.

"As far as Caroline and Tyler, it's a life-changing decision because they have been outed and everyone knows about them. You would think that Tyler would take a page out of the book he always goes to, which is maybe we should just leave town for a little bit!" Trevino teases. "I think it's them together this time, now that Klaus is completely gone, do they stay in Mystic Falls and ride it our or do they leave town for a while or do they leave town and not come back?" Mystic Falls without Caroline and Tyler? We shudder at the thought!

Vampire Diaries' season one finale was jam-packed with action and cliffhangers, while the season two ender carried more emotional weight. So what can fans expect from the season three finale: action or emotion?

"It's all of it," Trevino says. "It is emotional, there is a good amount off cliffhangers, but the way it ends, the last minute, it's just a mindblow! You're kind of wondering like, 'OK, maybe Klaus will be gone for a little bit because now we have to deal with all this. Now we have to deal with this problem.' It's big!"

When asked what the viewers' reaction will be at exactly 9 p.m. tomorrow, Trevino answers, "'Holy s--t!' The last minute is what everyone is going to be talking about, but then you have to remember the journey of all these other characters and their arcs in the finale. We have another person that leaves Mystic Falls for good, and then just the individual storylines on where this season leaves them and how we're even going to pick it up in the fourth season."

And yes, you should start preparing yourselves for a finale death: "Well, we have Klaus who is long gone now and then there is one person, one more person who's gone."

The Vampire Diaries finale airs tomorrow at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Do you think Caroline and Tyler will leave town? Who do you think will die? Sound off in the comments! And check back tomorrow for more TVD finale scoop from Nina Dobrev!

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