If you want advertising advice, go see Don Draper. But when it comes to matters of the heart and then some, look no further than his alter ego, Jon Hamm.

Who knew, right?

Sure enough, in this latest clip for Rookie magazine's web series, "Ask a Grown Man," the Mad Men star happily offers up some words of wisdom to several young ladies.

Among the questions (all via text) that he answers?

Well, when a girl asks what she should do about a guy who is interested in her one day, then ignores her the next, Hamm replies, "The world is your oyster. You'll be just fine. Don't define yourself with who wants to get with you. I'm sure you're a lovely person."

On a lighter (and thus, more humorous) note, another gal wants to know if it's gross to break wind in front of one's boyfriend.

"Farting is farting," Hamm points out. "Everybody farts. Go read the book Everybody Poops. Same thing."

Smells, er, sounds good to us.

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