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Sometimes it's good to wear a subtle pop of color.

For Lady Gaga, who recently swanned through the Narita International Airport in Japan, that fashion guideline translated into a 3-foot-long hairpiece that looked like what might happen if a unicorn ate too many Skittles and then couldn't find a ladies room.

Now, we're not saying the hair doesn't work...

Some gals were simply born to wear a wig that looks like a mythical pony pooped it out. And if anyone can pull that off, it's a 26-year-old New Yorker who once attended an awards show in a giant egg and glues Star Trek prosthetics onto her face for fun.

In fact, the more we stare at Gaga's getup the harder it is to look away. If you're going to kick off your Born This Way Ball world tour—and in Japan to boot—why not do it in a Versace 2012 black leather trench coat choked in Swarovski crystals paired with a sherbet-diarrhea weave?

You only live once.

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