Miley Cyrus


Between her daily Pilates class, constant walks with her three adorable pups and belly-baring Disneyland trips, it seems that Miley Cyrus is the hottest tabloid teen.  

But despite the fact M.C. can't keep those pesky paps away, her professional life has seen better days—her flick LOL tanked at the box office, earning just $46,500 in its opening weekend.

So, is the former Hannah Montana star's highly scrutinized personal life to blame for her latest professional slump?

Possibly. Because Miles can't seem to redirect the tabloid focus toward her career, instead of her latest crop top ensemble. True, the movie received minimal promotion and it was released in only 105 theaters, but Miley's star power just isn't the same.

There's no denying Miley's looking abtastically fab as of late, but her barely there workout wear is only drawing more attention to her bod and fueling those pesky anorexia rumors Miley's still slamming down:

"If I lose weight, I'm anorexic. If I gain weight, I'm fat. People often forget how hard it is when everybody judges you. There are a lot of people who can't get along with this and break down because of that," Miley shared in a German interview while promoting LOL.

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And we agree! The tabloids have been über harsh on the young star—calling her fat, anorexic and accusing Miley of self-harm—it can't be easy to see those awful headlines and according to Miley, very false accusations.

But we're still not entirely convinced Miley's on a solid path to success. Trust, we're all about the gal's gluten-free lifestyle and commitment to health but donning a little black dress when you're supposed to be sweating at the gym sends a less-than-subtle message that you're fully prepped for paparazzi pics.

Still, we say cut the gal some slack; she's only 19 years old and has a lot to learn in terms of the Hollywood game. And the constant criticism finally seems like it's getting to the gal who has such a promising future ahead:  

"The money you gain is a type of compensation for all the hate on the internet and for the paparazzi. You can buy yourself a big house but you're not able to leave it because as soon as you are out on the streets, it's like you're under fire."

What's more, Miley's calling her LOL costar Demi Moore "her mentor"—a bit troubling considering Demi's fresh out of rehab and dealing with her own personal demons:

"She's [Demi Moore] unbelievable great and she's my mentor. She has been doing this job for years now and nothing's gonna knock her down."

Hey Miles, we adore you and we want to see your talent (and those fab abs) in H.Wood for years to come, so we say take breather from Tinsel Town before something knocks you down.

Think of it as your post-Disney comeback—we know you have what it takes to be a big-screen success.

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