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What better way to celebrate hump day than with a totally WTF-worthy Robert Pattinson photoshoot?!

Because that's exactly what the soon-to-be former Twilight star is serving up with his latest Premiere cover. While girlfriend Kristen Stewart's latest Cannes-centric magazine cover went totally glam, R.Pattz wanted to get "daring" with his David Cronenberg-inspired photos.

And to say that Rob seems relieved to see his vampire past become just that is an understatement. So what does R.Pattz have to say about his often-critiqued acting skills and The Hunger Games?!

First, let's talk Cosmopolis. Which Rob seems very proud of.

"Filming Cosmopolis with Cronenberg changed something in me. It gave me balls," the actor revealed to the magazine. "Before, I spent my time doubting myself. As soon as I read a script that I liked, I was working myself up, asking myself if I was good enough. Now, I tell myself: 'F--k it! If they want to hire you, go!'"

And if the pictures from this shoot (not to mention the trailer) are any indication, the film is going to be insane. There's a dead—or so we assume—Rob looking very much unlike his glittering undead alter ego, with a gaping wound in his chest. Two Robs (double your pleasure) getting cozy in bed with…a pregnant woman?!

Again: WTF?!

"I'm going through a phase where I'm trying to determine what I can accomplish or not as an actor," Rob continues. "It's even more complex when you know you have a past, even though people like David don't pay any attention to it."

That past, of course, is Twilight.

"I can't believe there's still one more to come," Rob admitted when topic turned to Edward Cullen. "I'm not the same as I was at the beginning. First, I'm older. When I have to go to the makeup chair, I see all those wrinkles…I filled out too. Since I didn't have any clothes when we shot the first movie, I stole some from the movie when we were done and I can't fit into any them anymore!"

But even with his prestigious new movie bowing at Cannes, Rob is happy to defend all the acting he's done up to this point:

"In some scenes maybe. I tried anyway," Rob sounds off on whether he was a good actor or not in Twi. "I'd like to ask a question to those people who think I just started acting well: What do you think I was doing in Twilight? Do they think it's how I act naturally? No, I had to take decisions as an actor. I find it funny when I read stuff like, 'Will Cosmopolis finally prove that he can act?' What does that even mean?"

In the lengthy interview, Rob also explains how he's been "too marked by Twilight" to take on some other big box-office flicks, how he's wanted to take on jobs just for the paycheck (though he says the Stephenie Meyer movies weren't one of them), and that, at 26, appealing to 13-year-old girls is "starting to freak [him] out."

"I've always wanted to make good movies. But before, I was more the type to get drunk and say, 'If people don't like me, they can go f--k themselves!,'" Rob admits, claiming that Cosmopolis is one of the first times he can watch something he's in. "It's different nowadays. I want the people that I respect to respect me as well."

And as for touching down in the South of France later this month with K.Stew at his side, Rob has a feeling another franchise may have stolen his thunder. Not that he has a problem with that!

"This year they won't even notice me," he jokes about the fan craziness at Cannes. "'We don't care, he's not in The Hunger Games!'"

Ha! Apparently Cosmopolis has let you grow balls and made you delusional, Rob. We'll all notice you. And that's a promise!

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