Hasan Minhaj isn't ready to let Ashton Kutcher off the hook for going in brownface—not by a mile.

In a Youtube Video posted on Sunday that's since gone viral, the comedian slammed the Two and a Half Men star for playing a stereotypical Bollywood film producer and poking fun at South Asians in a Popchips ad, which sparked an uproar and charges that the spot was racist.

Minhaj, who's Indian-American, says he wanted to keep the subject of racial stereotypes in the spotlight and wondered why Kutcher and the chipmaker felt it was perfectly fine to lampoon people sharing his heritage to sell a snack but not OK, say, to mock African-Americans or other groups.

"You have a s--tty accent and you're not even being racist correctly," the funnyman said in critiquing Kutcher's character.  "OK, look. Maybe Popchips didn't consciously want to offend minorities. But subconsciously they knew they could get away with clowning Indians and Asians. Because that's the way it is now. They wouldn't do that with any other ethnicity."

He added: "There's a barbecue flavor of Popchips. Why didn't you make him blackface and Tyrone? Because you knew you'd get f--king buried, Popchips, that's why. And you know Asians and Indians are the new clownable minority."

Driving the truth home, Minhaj intercut his commentary with brief clips featuring those Metro PCS guys who are essentially Indian caricatures shouting "holy shish kebab!"

"You're closing us in a little box and making all Indian people look like the Metro PCS guys. And we're not like that, OK? So don't do that," he said, noting that minorities, in particular Indians sand South Asians, have made a lot of progress.

Kutcher has so far remained mum on the controversy, and a rep for the actor was unavailable for comment.

Popchips has since apologized for the Bollywood character in what was intended to be a spoof of dating videos to promote the chip brand.

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