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Scientific fact: Adam Levine looks just as good as a buttoned-up bank employee as he does as a dirty, wounded fugitive trying to outrun the cops.

The Maroon 5 frontman gets to be both in the band's brand-new "Payphone" music video, which also features the tune's resident rapper Wiz Khalifa as both the owner of the snazzy convertible Levine steals for a getaway car and as...well, you'll see.

Watch the whole video after the jump and on E! News today to find out just how Levine ended up in this pickle. A pickle, we might add, that doesn't require him to keep his shirt on.

The video plays out as a flashback that starts with a beleaguered Levine torching his ride and dialing his lost love from said "Payphone."

Then you find out how his shy, bespectacled bank worker managed to save a hot, similarly bespectacled coworker from a horde of machine gun-toting bank robbers. But—tragic twist!—the cops mistake him for one of the bandits, and Levine ends up solo as he leads police on a high-speed chase.

Also be sure to check out what Levine had to say in an exclusive interview with E! News about his vision for the "Payphone" video, how many stunts he did himself and just how much he identifies with the "hero-dorky guy" behind the desk.

Catch the interview with Adam Levine and the world premiere of "Payphone," on E! News tonight at 7pm ET/PT 

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