Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart

Trajo/Film Magic; Bill Davila/Startraksphoto.com

Consider these two gals the coolest BFFs ever.

By now you've obviously heard Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry partied together at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., with beaus Robert Pattinson and Robert Ackroyd just a few weeks ago.

But despite the photog evidence of the A-list (and epically hipster) double date, it wasn't until now that K.Stew revealed just how wickedly cool it is to kick it with Miss K.P.

"I have a buddy who has absolutely no qualms about being in front of millions of people," Kristen 'fessed on Jimmy Kimmel last night while rocking a colorful sweater and comfortable sneakers due to her Breaking Dawn injury.

And since this is Kristen Stewart we're talking about, that "buddy" happens to be none other than Katy Perry—K.Stew's newfound BFF, with whom she and BF Robert Pattinson have been spending mucho time as of late.

In that totally awkward Kristen-fashion, she recalls watching the Tupac hologram with one of pop's biggest sensations:

"I feel like a weirdo right now [dropping names]. I was with Katy Perry and I walked behind her, and she wanted to sit up front and she was like, ‘Hey, you want to watch Tupac? It'll be awesome' and I'm like, ‘Yeah.'"

But leave it to attention-loving Katy to steer K.Stew in the right direction—the "California Gurl" had no qualms about using a little star power to snag a front-row seat (hey, can you blame her?), and Kristen suddenly became a K.P. groupie:

"And then suddenly I realized, what are you doing to me? And then I had to put my hat down because we were literally like Moses parting the waves of Coachella getting to the front. I was like, where am I right now?  I was, like, leading her entourage. It was ridiculous."

Sounds like a match made in A-list hipster heaven—and Jimmy even suggests hanging with Katy is a fab way for Kris to stay totally incognito.

Not a bad idea, Jim, but clearly you're underestimating Kristen's star power. Hmm…perhaps Katy should be following Kristen's lead?

Tell us your thoughts on these adorable besties in the comments, and then watch the entire Kimmel clip for a brand-new SWATH preview!

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