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After all the tears and fierce competition, this is it, you guys.

In addition to duets with their coaches (and special thank-you songs dedicated to their mentors), tonight was the last live performance for Juliet Simms, Jermaine Paul, Tony Lucca and Chris Mann before America finally crowns one of them as the Voice tomorrow night.

How'd they do?

Team Blake

Former Alicia Keys backup singer Jermaine Paul sang "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. He started off subtle, but as you would have expected, that powerhouse voice charged out to give one memorable show. Even Cindy Crawford gave him a standing ovation (yeah, random, but we'll take it).

Christina Aguilera said Paul "shined like a superstar tonight," while Adam Levine said it was "so elegant." Coach Blake Shelton said his heart was in his throat, but it was clear he was very pleased with Jermaine's performance.

Team Adam

Tony Lucca, who has shown us some interesting covers this season, continued to let his creativity flow with his version of Jay-Z's "99 Problems." He managed to turn the rapper's hit into a folk-country song, and it actually sounded pretty darn cool.

The coaches all seemed to like it, although Christina noted that the lyrics were derogatory toward women, and that caused a little back-and-forth with coach Adam. It's all good though, because Levine revealed a "Team Xtina" shirt. Say what?!

Team Christina

Opera singer Chris Mann showed off his amazing vocals when he performed Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up." CeeLo Green told the singer who was afraid his songs weren't as hip as the others, "You are so completely cool to me, just the way you are."

An emotional Aguilera told Mann, "I'm so moved by you. It was so beautiful!"

Team Cee Lo

Juliet Simms—now debuting a darker 'do—chose to cover Lynard Skynyrd's "Free Bird" as her last performance. What can we say that you don't already know? As usual, Simms rocked it. "I don't know, man. No one sings like you. It was incredible," Levine told her.

Coach Cee Lo kept it simple, "With Juliet Simms on my team, I have no problems."

Tomorrow night is the big night! Who do you think will win it all?

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