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For the past month or so, we've all known that Elena will be making a choice in the season-three finale of The Vampire Diaries. We always assumed it would be between Damon and Stefan. But is there another option?

Plus, fans of Cece and Schmidt on New Girl definitely want to check out the scoop we got from Max Greenfield. All that, plus info on Community, The Mentalist, Pretty Little Liars and more in today's dose of Spoiler Chat…

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Thomas: SO excited that Elijah is returning in the Vampire Diaries finale! Any hints on what he'll be up to? Maybe facing off against Alaric?
Funny you should ask, because we served up that exact question to Daniel Gillies when we chatted with him about a cause close to his heart. "I can't say," he says of a possible Elijah-Alaric face-off. "But at this stage, if you were Elijah, wouldn't you just want to get the hell out of a place causing so many problems? Elijah really has a thing for Elena if he's sticking around." Maybe Elena's choice is...Elijah?! We ship it.

Katie in Dallas: I need Schmidt and Cece together forever on New Girl! Is that what's going to happen?
Tune into the finale of New Girl tomorrow for the full answer to that question, but for now we can offer this, courtesy of Max Greenfield. "They are exploring what a real relationship might be like. And as exciting as that can be, it can also be really scary," he told us at SoulCycle's spin class to benefit Milk and Bookies. "You are looking at two people that live life a little fear based. The fear hits them a little bit. [It] certainly hits Schmidt, and you get to see that play out."

Sarah in Hale, Md.: You never give us any Mentalist scoop! Make it up to us by giving us info on the season finale please!
Your wish, our command! "It's definitely a heavy Jane episode, but he kind of drags us down with the boat a bit, so we'll see what season five brings," Amanda Righetti says of the season four finale. Translation: Prepare for one hell of a cliffhanger.

Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs, Community

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Daniel: I need Community finale scoop, and I need it now!
No need to yell, friend, as we've got some scoop that is sure to make you one very happy human being. "We're going to have a really big 90-minute finale that has a kind of Ocean's Eleven heist thing to it," Gillian Jacobs teases of the NBC comedy's season-ender. "We also have a child army that has been wreaking havoc, so more of the child army and hijinks!" Hijinks at Greendale? Color us shocked!

Madison: Less than a month until the premiere of Pretty Little Liars' third season! Got any scoop to help make the time pass?
Prepare to meet the mother of…Office Garrett! Yes, viewers will meet the well-spoken and dignified Mrs. Reynolds when she makes a public plea to her son. Sounds like someone is still causing trouble in Rosewood!

Patricia: Already stressing about almost TV-free summer, what should I get caught up on?
We hear ya, the summer slowdown can be just as stressful. There are plenty amazing shows to get caught up on this summer—have you watched Downton Abbey yet?—but if you want something new we can suggest another show from across the pond. White Heat is the latest nostalgia-filled flashback to hit BBC America. If you like 1960s Britain, an amazing love triangle, drama and the adorable Sam Claflin (of upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman fame) you should check it out on May 9. We're obsessed.

True Blood, Season 5

John P. Johnson/HBO

Natasha: Waiting sucks. Anything on True Blood?
Only your first look at SVU stud Christopher Meloni as a badass vampire. Don't say we never gave you anything.

Tram: I know it's a long way off, but got any Being Human scoop? Will Nora be around?
Yes, season three is a long way away, but it'll feel even further because Being Human is time jumping a year into the future. Nora is definitely in the mix. She'll be helping Josh locate Sally. But will come across some trouble of her own when she clashes with the wolf twins' father.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling and Jenna Mullins

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