Sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most, and those words seemed to ring true on Monday night's Dancing With the Stars

With tensions running high, a double elimination a day away and the finale two weeks from now, certain contestants were getting an overshare of verbal abuse from their partners. Eep! 

So what did their big mouths have to say for themselves, and what dark horse couple of the competition sees the mirror ball trophy in their future? We got the stars to spill after the show!

There's no doubt most of the words out of Maksim Chmerkovskiy's mouth during rehearsal this past week had to be bleeped out. Taking all of his frustration out on Melissa Gilbert? It was more than a little shocking to see a professional acting this way. Although Melissa defended him and Maks apologized on Monday night's show for his abrasive behavior, it was hard to know if it was truly genuine. When we caught up with the pair after the show, Maks explained that his apologies go further than just what you see on TV.

"[The apology tonight] was public. In private, there were apologies too," Maks told us. "Look, it is what it is. It's the good with the bad. Nobody is perfect. You put two people together 24 hours a day for the past 15 weeks, you're bound to see things you don't want to. We've got each others back and I just try to give herself to fight with. Regardless of the scores, regardless of the comments, we're going to give our fans something they can point their fingers at and say 'That's why I voted for them.' And that puts a lot of pressure on us."

Derek Hough was also in the doghouse for coming off like a bit of jerk toward partner, Maria Menounos. Although he told us not-so-long-ago that showing tough love sometimes gets the best results, he did express remorse for being harsh. However, Maria said it's no big deal and just another step toward winning. 

"It's one thing to get the dance steps down, it's another to really throw yourself into it," Maria said. "I can't throw myself into it until I get the steps, so I do it a little backward. So he was like, 'Babe, this could be our last dance.' and when he said that, I was like, 'Oh no.' I love dancing with him and I love this whole experience."

Bullies aside, the dark-horse couple of the competition, Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower were bubbling with excitement over their rise to the top.

 "We're very excited," Roshon told us. "From the bottom to the top! We're proud, we're happy. A week to learn two dances is a challenge. We kept our mind in the game, put a lot of hard work in and we kept it loose. We wanted to makes sure we went out there and had the bet time ever and that's what we did."

Chelsie added, "We got some great comments tonight, even better scores and we're really excited. We just hope to be here next week, keep that ball rolling and we what to be here."

With attitudes like that, they could be stiff competition up until the end!

A double elimination takes place Tuesday night! Who do you think will be sent packing? Who do you want to see win it all? Sound off in the comments!

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