Mark Ruffalo


Where was the rest of his team when the Hulk Mark Ruffalo was getting his Twitter account hacked this weekend? (Besides saving the world and killing it at the box office, of course.)

The actor, who plays Bruce Banner in the smash hit flick The Avengers, found his page tapped into on Sunday when somebody not only took over his username @MRuff221 and changed it to @Mark_Ruffalo, but proceeded to post a variety of strange posts, including one that read: "The women of Hollywood sure have some great boobs. Here are the top 15!"

But the 44-year-old star, who was actually able to use the newly created account as well, seemed somewhat unfazed by the situation and even found a bit of humor in it.

"It's kind of hilarious me getting hacked today," he tweeted at one point. "I got to hand it to the hacker. Kind of genius."

Meanwhile, a fan managed to take over Ruffalo's original account in case he wanted it back.

Later, Ruffalo tweeted, "Okay, I'm back up. The existential battle raged on my keyboard between me and my silly hacker has ended and it seems I lost @Mruff221," only to eventually write, "Guess what. I am one and the same!! I am both identities. @mruff221 and @Mark_Ruffalo. So everyone wins" and "They have lumped both accounts together. It's one account both names. It has a poetic justice to it I suppose."

Hey, we're just glad Ruffalo never got angry because, well, you know.

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