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Forget watching the throne: better watch what you're wearing when you're around Kanye West.

Sure, the rapper was kinda caught with his pants down recently, but that doesn't mean Kim Kardashian's other half isn't ready to drop some more fashion bombshells...of the verbal kind.

The singer played fashion critic this past weekend and went on a Twitter rant, ripping people who happened to be dressed in duds that he hated—as he passed them.

On Saturday, West tweeted: "Just driving through the city and I see a few thing I hate..."

He then proceeded to fire off a barrage of tweets that trashed what he considered to be various fashion faux pas:

  • "I hate button up shirts with hoodies"
  • "I hate hoodies with sport coats"
  • "I hate sport coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes"
  • "I hate khaki trench coats with jeans and off brand work out sneakers"
  • "I hate khaki cargo shorts"
  • "I Hate big ass striped scarves"
  • "I hate long ass sideburns with the line up RnB beard"

The clincher? "...all this in 5 blocks," he wrote.

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That was quite the five-block ride there.

West then copped: "#I'm on my snob"

Of course, the rapper—who debuted his own clothing line at a star-studded show in Paris last fall—has never been one to keep his opinions to himself. (Taylor Swift, holla.)

Ouch! And we thought Anna Wintour was a tough one to impress.

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