Khloe and Lamar

Just because Rob Kardashian's in Dallas doesn't mean he's left all of his responsibilities back in La-La Land! On this week's episode of Khloé & Lamar, we see that when Rob feels out of control, he turns to what he knows he can control.

"I've had different variations of things that I'm super anal about, or super OCD about," Rob explains. "It doesn't really affect my life—we all are like that in my family."

Except it does affect Rob's life, and Khloé Kardashian Odom and Malika Haqq—visiting from L.A.—are about to find out just how much that is the case.

For Khloé, having Rob and her BFF in one place is perfect. "This is her [Malika's] first time coming to Dallas," she says, "and Malika is someone I'm used to seeing at least four times a week."

However the happy reunion ends quickly, as Malika starts to feel forgotten by her best friend who seems to be spending more time with her new Maverick gal-pal Porschla Coleman.

"I don't know if Malika feels threatened because I have a new friend," Khloé says, "but no one is trying to have sex with me, like, I don't get why do you need to be protective."

To try and smooth things over, Khloé takes Malika and Rob to an exotic animal sanctuary. Fun, right?! However, she also asks Porschla to meet them there. Whoops!

"I really just don't understand why Khloé feels the need to have Porschla go everywhere with us," Malika says. "I'm only here for a couple of days, how about we spend some time?"

While Khloé remains in the dark over Malika's anger, Rob's OCD comes to a head on the car ride home. "I really don't think I closed that bear cage that we were in, I just think you should call and confirm," he says.

He later explains, "I have a thing where, when I close a door, I'll count just to confirm that it's officially locked. Khloé interrupted me and now I literally can't stop thinking maybe I didn't close the door properly…My anxiety is just killing me."

Rob's anxiety prompts his big sis to look up the symptoms for OCD, "I really am worried about Rob. I definitely think he has a bigger problem than what he's willing to admit that he has."

And Khloé's problems don't end with her brosef, because when she goes to visit Malika she finds a hornet's nest waiting.

"Why am I here?" Malika asks. "Should I just leave? Would that be easier for you?"

It's a shock to Khloé, who had no idea that the way she was behaving was affecting her friend so much. "I didn't know I'm hurting her feelings or offending her."

The girls apologize to each other and, after making up, Malika says, "I was dealing with some insecurities about being so far away from Khloé, but ultimately I really just wanted us to spend time together."

Meanwhile, Rob starts to deal with his compulsive issues and decides to take action. "It's a big deal for me to admit when I have an issue," Rob says. "But my behavior has been weird lately, so I called an OCD therapist to figure out what is triggering this."

"I'm really proud of Rob," Khloé says, right before she punches him in the arm.

Want more Khloé & Lamar? Tune in for the season finale next Sunday, May 13 at 10:00 pm ET/PT and 9:00 pm CT only on E!

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