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It's hard to live someone else's dream.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is very good at his job, but does his wife love it as much as he does? Megan (Jessica Paré) makes a big decision in tonight's Mad Men, but will it destroy their marriage? And is Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) still on the old Don Draper speed train to self-destruction? Find out now:


Mr. and Mrs. Draper: It's very clear that Megan and Don work well together, we saw it last week with Heinz and this week with Cool Whip. But advice from Megan's Marxist father has set in, and she's no longer content to slip easily into Don's life and give up her dream of acting.

For a hot minute we thought Megan was cheating, but really she was just getting rejected from auditions. She finally makes the decision to leave SCDP, but is this going to strain the Draper marriage? Don looked awfully lonely and bored after work without Megan and you know what they say about all work and no play. 

Bored in the Suburbs: Pete is an actual creep. We don't think he sets out each episode to be a creep, but he kind of can't help it. We learn there is a camaraderie and boys club among the guys who commute to the city by train. Pete is friendly with Howard, a philandering insurance salesman. And Pete gets really friendly with Howard's wife, Beth (Alexis Bledel). But back to Pete being creepy, he actually invites himself over to the house to kiss and proposition Beth while her husband is out of the room. Is Pete just bored in the suburbs or trying to take over Don Draper's reign?

Jaded Joan: Has a failed marriage and a baby made Joan (Christina Hendricks) cynical? While Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) is slightly more understanding of Megan's decision, Joan is ready to call her Betty 2.0. Are Don and Megan doomed or is this pursuit of dreams exactly what will keep Megan from turning into a bitter Betty clone? 

Rewind Moment: Not only did we get Alexis Bledel but the Saved by the Bell fans might have noticed the brief Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) cameo.


"I was raised in the thirties. My dream was indoor plumbing." —Don

"Jane wanted a baby, but I thought, "Why do that to somebody?'" —Roger (John Slattery)

"She's going to be a failing actress with a rich husband." —Joan

"I'll tell you what takes guts. Not having money for lunch. She owes me like $15 at this point. What am I going to do? Ask Don? Call her?" —Ginsberg

"Did he fire you? That son of a bitch!" —Ginsberg

"I don't know where she is? Do you know where Abe is?" —Peggy

Do you think Megan made the right decision to leave SCDP? Is Pete just begging to get caught? Do you think Joan is jealous? Lots of '60s music references in this episode but do you like our nod to The Cure? Head to the comments!

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