Mark Deklin, GCB

Mark Deklin admits he's not doing the best job getting ripped for his shirtless scenes in GCB.

Oh, he looks mighty fine, but…

He tells me that he sort of crash diets before stripping down for the cameras.

"It isn't something you can sustain in the long run," said Deklin, who plays Crickett's closeted gay cowboy husband Blake on the hit ABC series (the season finale airs Sunday). "Generally, I keep myself fit with cardio and normal workouts but early on I went to the producers and I said, 'Look I'm 44 years old. I need a heads-up if you're going to ask me to be shirtless. Give me a weekend or so.'"

And as soon he gets that heads-up, "I literally cut way back on my food consumption and I pump up my workouts.

"I cut out salts so I'm not retaining water," he continued. "It's something that wouldn't be healthy in the long run, but over the course of a few days it works."

It sure does.

"I think generally in life, I'm hetero-fit," Deklin laughed. "But gay-fit and straight-fit are two different things. I was like, You know what, I really gotta step it up. It's not enough to sort of be generally athletic—I've got to be shredded."

So what kind of man would Blake be attracted to? "I think he might go for someone smart and maybe a little older," Deklin said. "Or he might be with someone young and pretty—someone like Michael Fassbender."

Amen to that!

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