Zac Efron


Dear Ted:
Do you think Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may still be pining for each other? And what do you think of Zac's career trajectory with The Lucky One disappointing after a solid opening? He wants to be the next Tom Cruise, but he makes the safest, most boring choices! In every interview I see him in he seems way too smug and apparently believes all the hype surrounding him. High School Musical 4 anyone?

Dear Four-Year Reunion:
Well, that's a full-on Zac attack of questions, Gem! So let's get to 'em: No. Zac and Vanessa's relationship is a thing of the past—and both halves of the former HSM power couple are happier with the current state of their love lives (or lack thereof, for one). As for his career, with those dreamy eyes and bulging biceps, I don't think Zac will have trouble landing another gig.

Dear Ted:
I think I know why the royal baby has been delayed: Queen Elizabeth II can't be upstaged. Just got back from U.K. and the Queen and Kate Middleton aren't as big an issue as here.

Dear Grandmonster:
We do love our Duchess over here, don't we? And a new baby would hardly be a threat to the fab queen's reign. In fact, it'd give her an excuse to celebrate and buy a new hat. And everyone wins in that scenario, right?

Dear Ted:
TV Guide printed a story about Desperate Housewives that flat-out states that something went down that caused a deep rift between Teri Hatcher and the others. How about giving longtime fans of both the show and this column a little insight? If it helps, I can arrange to have some panties poof somewhere, somehow....

Dear Rock and a Hard Place:
It's no secret that some people might not be the biggest fans of Ms. Hatcher. Just ask Nicolette Sheridan, for one, who called the housewife the "meanest woman in the world." We all know by now that there was definitely a decent amount of drama behind the scenes, but all the Wisteria women have their scandalous secrets.

Dear Ted:
I love that everyone is pushing their man for Fifty Shades of Grey. I think Alex Pettyfer is the one everyone should be talking about. Did you see the photos for VMAN? They are so Christian Grey.

Dear The Grey Area:
He certainly has the mysterious bad-boy thing down—on the big screen (Beastly) and off (ask Dianna Agron). Plus, I'm sure people will be clamoring to see more of the blond's bod after he struts his stuff in Magic Mike.

Dear Ted:
Will Sarah Michelle Gellar's pregnancy get in the way of her particular Vice?
—Baby Buffy

Dear Freddie Prinze Double Junior:
Methinks yes.

Dear Ted:
As much as I love the idea of Jesse Williams playing Finnick (that gorgeous man in just a strategically placed fishing net? Yes please!), I can't imagine how the racists who were upset that Rue and Thresh (who were clearly described as being black) were played by black actors would react to Finnick being played by a black actor, no matter how hot and talented he is. What do you say to them?

Dear I Say:
Suck it. Let the best hottest man do the job. And Jesse is certainly qualified.

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