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Oh no she didn't!

Oh yes, Smash fans, she really did! And by she, we mean Ivy, and by really did, we mean she totally hooked up with frenemy Karen's boyfriend, Dev. But how far did their tryst really go? And will Karen find out about their betrayal?! 

Plus, we've got scoop on Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair, Glee's Finn and Rachel, along with House finale goods, Vampire Diaries intel and much more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

Stephanie in St. Louis: After the last of episode of Smash, please tell me Karen is leaving Dev! I was so upset! That was insane.
It was insane. And you know what's even more insane? Dev leaves something very important in Ivy's room. Her room?! Oh, did you not get enough innuendo from their bar tryst? Of course they went through with having the sex! So will Karen find out right away? Iowa will be clueless...for now. Things may change in the finale, and viewers might just be shocked by her reaction to the, wait for it, bombshell revelation. 

Pie Ninja: Can you say if Ivy fans will be happy? Karen is boring.
You must be talking about the truly awesome Smash finale we got to screen. And to answer your question, let's just say after the last scene, Ivy fans will have lots to talk about it over the summer.

Wanda: New Girl is perfect. Scoop about Jess and Nick!
We agree with that first statement. And here is some info regarding your second statement, which was actually more of a demand for scoop. It's quite possible that New Girl will pull one of the oldest TV tricks in the books in the finale, and it has to do with Nick and Jess.

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Aalso_o: Something about Chuck and Blair would be great. What about the return of the ring?
A highly placed show insider tells us fans should take the event Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester attended on April 27, the grand opening of Harry Winston's new store in Shanghai, as a major Gossip Girl finale clue. Hmmm…

Jess: You've been spoiling us with House finale spoilers! Can I get just one more?
Of course! But you should know it's only because we are feeling extra-nostalgic for this show. When we stopped Odette Annable on the carpet at the House series finale party, she told us that fans will definitely be satisfied with how it all ends. "I keep saying, as a fan myself, I'm really, really excited for everyone else to see it, because I was very, very happy," she says. "[At] our last table read, I just had a really big smile on my face and that's exactly how I would've wanted to see it end."

CasLustfulVoice: Do you have any spoilers on TVD?
What if we told you a fan favorite might be making a return before the season ends? "You will see hide nor hair of Katherine until Klaus is gone for good, so his survival ties into her appearance or lack thereof," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. Judging from last night's episode, which saw Klaus being dropped at the bottom of a lake, fans might just see Katherine in the finale. Can we get a "Woo!" up in this article?!


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HennaSam: Is the Glee cast gonna return for the next season?
While we know some of the cast (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer) are definitely returning for season four, a lot of the other castmembers are still in the dark about their Glee future. "I don't know yet, but it leaves the possibility of seeing him again," Harry Shum Jr. tells us of seeing Mike Chang on the show post-McKinley High graduation in the finale. "I think they're still trying to figure it out for all the characters. We'll know sooner or later."

Claire in Nashville: I'm really worried that Rachel is going to push Finn and everyone away because of her epic NYADA fail! Say it ain't so?
We're almost positive that right now, Rachel Berry has every Barbra Streisand song on repeat, while wearing her star-printed pajamas, and drinking copious amounts of water. (When she's sad, she's thirsty, remember?) Luckily for her, Cory Monteith tells us that Finn is to ready to raise her spirits by any means necessary, "He's going to beat her with bamboo rods until she realizes how amazingly talented she is." He's kidding of course, Finchel fans! Monteith continues, "Of course I'm joking, but she's a star, she is a true talent you know and he just needs to help her realize that and I think that is very much his function." We think it's safe to say this couple is going to be A-OK! 

Mcearls7882: Please please give me burn notice scoop.
Only because you said "please" twice. Ready to meet Sam's fancy girlfriend? Good, because she appears in episode seven of Burn Notice's new season, an episode that's fittingly titled "Reunion."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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