Stormtroopers, Star Wars

20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Star Wars fans, this will be a day long remembered.

Next to Life Day, there is perhaps no more enjoyable holiday in the Star Wars universe than May 4, which transforms just another spot on the calendar into the Jedi greeting "May the Force be with you."

And so before you head down to the cantina to do some shots (remember to shoot first, people!), let's take a moment to honor what makes this day so very special.

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This fan-generated holiday (more info at gives both Padawans and Jedi-level nerds a topical opportunity to talk about the George Lucas-spawned space saga in whatever way they like, one that's not tied to 3-D reissues or the latest Lego release (which are awesome, by the way!). But just because it's fun.

Not that most fans need a reason, of course. Everyday is Star Wars Day for some people.

So no need to blow up a planet or offer a hand to your long-lost father, just take a moment to enjoy an unlikely hit movie about a kid from the backwaters of the galaxy who overcomes adversity and imperialistic bullies to make good with the help of his new friends.

And may the...oh, you know.

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