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Yesterday, Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsmn costar exclusively revealed that Kris is very focused on changing her life after Twilight.

And now it looks like Robert Pattinson may be taking a hint from his long-term GF—he's in talks to star alongside Guy Pierce in the film Rover, and he just signed on to the psychological thriller Mission: Blacklist.

But is R.Pattz potentially killing his career by pretending Edward Cullen never existed?!

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It's a tough call.

But one thing's clear as could be: Rob is not interested in any sort of further franchise fame. He's over the mega-heartthrob schtick and prefers to hide behind dark shades and a scruffy beard rather than flourish in the limelight.

Just look at the dude's projects as of late. Post-Twilight, Rob's filmed the period piece Bel Ami, he's the star of Cronenberg's Cosmospolis (debuting at Cannes), and he just signed onto one (and nearly another) additional flick that will like be anything but Twilight-esque box-office hits.

Now we think it's totally respectable; Rob's all about the creative appeal rather than the commercial gain. And after years of putting up with those gold contacts and Stephenie Meyer's dubious writing, R.Pattz has definitely earned the opportunity for more fulfilling roles.

But we still have to question whether our favorite vampire is making the right decision for his career. Bel Ami hardly received stellar reviews even though the period piece placed Pattinson at the center of an A-list cast. And despite the fact director David Cronenberg can't stop gushing over Rob's "profound" acting in Cosmopolis, we're still not convinced this flick will prove Rob can do more than sparkle onscreen.

And then there's Kristen, who is equally as deterred by fame as her British BF—but the gal is willing to play the game a bit more than her hunky beau.

There's no denying the tactic's served her well—she was just named best dressed of 2012 by Glamour magazine (even though it's only May), her film On the Road is set to debut at Cannes, and she has such a following, she could practically sell the air she breathes.

Not to mention, Kris stars alongside Oscar winner Charlize Theron in Snow White and Huntsman—a fantasy fairy-tale movie no doubt, but based on the attention it's already garnered, it could turn out to be Kristen's smartest career choice yet.

Perhaps it's time Rob took a hint from his genius GF and embraced roles for both their creative appeal and fan following?

Hey, it's not like we're suggesting Rob signs on to a film based on Nicholas Sparks' latest love story.

But a little heartthrob action never hurts.

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