Demi Lovato

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Dear Ted:
I've always been a huge Demi Lovato fan from the very beginning of her career to her rehab. She seems to have turned everything around, but I'm hearing otherwise. So, Ted, tell me, does she have a Blind Vice?

Dear Loose Lovatic:
Of course Demi has a B.V., B! Gal's not shy to admit she once engaged in a rather Vicey past. But that hardly means Demi's dabbling in bad behavior as of late. In fact, I'm impressed with the gal's comeback and actually excited to see the teen queen coach new talent on The X Factor. Can you just imagine Demi and Britney Spears on the boob tube together?! We're getting pumped just thinking about the prospect.

Dear Ted:
Does Jennifer Lawrence have any secret Vices we don't know about? She seems to tell the truth about herself. She doesn't really hide much, but I don't know! I do know that she and Nicholas Hoult may be the cutest couple ever though. My rescue dog says hi!

Dear Hungry for Vice:
That's because they are the cutest couple ever and shockingly, one of the most Vice-free. It's a good thing J.Law is always serving up those TMI moments or she might be a tad, dare we say, boring? Oh wait, she may have smoked pot once before, but that's about as bad as Jen gets. And hello back to your pooch!

Dear Ted:
I haven't heard you mention anything about Tobey Yum-Yum in a while. Is he working on any projects?

Dear Yummy Future:
Yes, dude's been making some career changes lately, but that's his main focus right now. Not too much in the love department to report, but this is Tobey, so I'm sure that will be changing soon.

Dear Ted:
It's been a while since we've heard about Twyla Babe-Sucker and Julie Bone-Jumper. Has TBS settled into fame and gotten rid of the drugs and booze? Did JBJ fulfill her inner desires and hook up with her costar?

Dear Jumping and Sucking:
It's unlikely TBS will ever ease into the mega-fame she's achieved, but gal has at least learned to deal. As for the drugs and booze? Twyla's hardly clean, but she's not in a straight-to-rehab downward spiral. Get it? And JBJ's moved on to other desires—that costar you speak of is now permanently off limits

Dear Ted:
Since I never got an answer regarding Keanu Reeves' relevance I have to say I have my answer and I think it is "Keanu Reeves who?" sad. Now for my real questions: I recently saw an interview with Matt LeBlanc and have to say that he just doesn't have any personality. Or is it just an act? Also of the group on Friends who had the most shocking Blind Vice?
Julie in Texas

Dear Friendly Schemer:
Considering David Schwimmer is in the Blind Vice Hall of Fame, I'd go with good ol' Ross. Bet you weren't expecting that, huh?

Dear Ted:
Hiya! So tell me, does Zooey Deschanel have a Blind Vice? I just bet under that lovable-goofy facade she's hiding something...smooches!

Dear New Girl, New Vice:
Nope, gal's as Vice-free as those Bambi eyes make her seem. Isn't she just adorable?!

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