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Everything the doctors have worked for is riding on one exam. No pressure or anything.  Our favorite doctors' futures may end with a failing grade. Who cracked, who got hot and heavy, and who finally confessed love?

Find out what happened on tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy.


Failure to Launch: Much of this week's Grey's took place outside of Seattle. With so much on the line, it was fun to watch the doctors squirm. Everyone reacts to pressure differently. Cristina (Sandra Oh) gets defensive. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) becomes a badass. Alex (Justin Chambers) yells. Jackson (Jesse Williams) gets irritated. And April (Sarah Drew) freaks the hell out before getting philosophical.

Most surprising part of the exams was Jackson and April getting freaky in the bathroom. Alas, Jesus must really not have liked her transgression that time, because she failed exam.

McYoda: We discovered the secret to Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) brilliant advice. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) finds himself as the go-to guy for all sort of problem, but mainly for Mark and Lexie. Bailey gives him sage advice: The trick of her trade is always a metaphor. That way, the doc in need can take advice without ever placing blame for the outcome. Genius. Miranda Bailey is an evil genius.

Best. Speech. Ever.: Finally! Lexie (Chyler Leigh) gives the most perfect "I love you" speech to Mark (Eric Dane). Actually it's more like word vomit. And it's perfect. And then it's ruined when Mark's girlfriend and aspiring baby mama shows up. The perfect moment foiled again. The only bright side was Mark's face during Lexie's confession. Clearly he was moved, and clearly this talk is not over.

Childhood's End: It's always sad and very dramatic when a friend or relative arrives at Seattle Grace. But it's never good news. We hate to say it, but the moment Arizona's friend set foot in the hospital, he had a black reaper shadow following him around the hallways. Remember Lexie's mom? Remember Henry (Scott Foley)? No good can come from this. 


"He just flew in from Tibet and he has cancer. The least I could do is pick him up from baggage claim." —Arizona

"I want to punch your face." —Meredith

"We're not going to kill your friend." —Bailey

"My guy is a freaking fossil. Last time he was in the O.R. it was lit with candles." —Cristina

"Don't be all cryptic and then just walk away." —Mark

"So is having premarital sex with a really good friend in a men's room, but that just happened." —April 


Finale Shocker: Let's make a season-finale checklist. So far, we know there is a death, a cliffhanger and that the cast bawled through the table read. We admit it, we are scared. Creator Shonda Rhimes has never been one to shy away from the sad and dramatic, so buckle up for a roller coaster of emotions.

Paging Dr. Drama: Sarah Drew told us that when one resident fails the board exams it "creates a lot of drama amongst all the residents."  First her virginity and now her future as a doctor? We expect another meltdown. 

Did you guess the failing resident? Who do you think will accept a job in another state? Will Mark and Lexie finally get back together? Stock up on tissue for the season finale yet? Hit the comments!

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