Josh Hutcherson, Ariana Grande

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Dear Ted:
Rumors are spreading around that Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson is dating Victorious star Ariana Grande! What do you say to that? Josh is close friends with Ariana's costars, Avan Jogia (best friend) and Victoria Justice (who is also rumored to have dated J.Hutch in the past).

Dear Love Is in the Air:
While neither Josh nor Ariana will confirm this budding rumored romance, wouldn't they be just the cutest? I have my completely hopeless fingers crossed on this one. I'm definitely dying for a hot new couple these days. Getting a little sick of the same old characters. I just doubt Josh and Ariana will eventually make it to commitment, but I'd love to be proven wrong!

Dear Ted:
What was the real deal behind Stacy Keibler not showing up for the WHCD with George Clooney? Is the split coming soon? Stacy is even tweeting breakup songs. (Not a great sign to me.) What do you hear? Was she really working, or has Georgie boy finally kicked her tight butt to the curb? Maybe she and Elisabetta Canalis can team up for a show together—both need the work.

Dear Been There, Done George:
If the split is near, would you really be surprised? Clooney and his ladies seem to follow a dreadful pattern. So maybe Ms. Keibler is preparing herself for the split we all know is bound to happen sooner or later. And well, now, I think we have something here. A reality show featuring Clooney's past lovers? Brilliant!

Dear Ted:
I just got around to watching Dianna Agron on Jimmy Kimmel Live April 12. In the interview, she said that she has a BF. Sebastian Stan, I assumed? But he's been spotted out and about with Jennifer Morrison since end of March (this week in New York...holding hands). What gives?
Nosy Neighbor

Dear Nothing Lasts Forever:
Relationships in H'wood seem to have a short lifespan. Not to be negative, but merely stating the facts. Morrison and Stan may have sparked a romance after working together on Once Upon a Time, and from what it seems, Stan sure gets around. Remember when he dated Leighton Meester? So let's not worry too much about our sweetheart Dianna. She and BFF Taylor Swift are enjoying the dating life just fine.

Dear Ted:
So I just finished the Fifty Shades trilogy. My question is, wouldn't it be better suited for a series (on a network like Showtime) than a movie? Considering Christian's issues, 90 minutes doesn't seem like enough time for character development.

Dear Big-Screen Dreams:
I don't know about you, but I would absolutely need to see the steamy action on the big screen. And as for there not being enough time, that's what sequels are for…They leave us begging for more. This trilogy is destined for stardom. So don't you fret, my dearest A.

Dear Ted:
Did Dianna Agron infuriate Ryan Murphy so much so that she is now cut from anything Glee? No interview at graduation? Just wondering if she represents everything he could never be.

Dear Going Solo:
Dianna is such a sweetie that I highly doubt there's any conflict between her and Ryan. We both know how much Hollywood loves to cause trouble—often where there isn't any, know what I mean? 

Dear Ted:
I find it irritating when I hear comparisons between Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan, calling both "trainwrecks." The latest, that if Liz had been young in the Internet age, we would have seen the similarities. What? Did Liz live so hard in her 20s that she looked 40 before she was 30? No, that would be L.L. Sure, Liz screwed up. And she was a notorious drunk for some later years. But one doesn't preserve her kind of beauty by living an L.L. lifestyl. And that's not even addressing L.L.'s habits of helping herself to things that don't belong to her, staging break-ins into her house to explain missing things and endangering people driving with her. The bottom line is, you can judge a person by their friends, and Liz was surrounded with loyal friends even at the end. Name me a fast friend of L.L. who isn't using her for PR?

Dear Price for Fame:
Kinda disagree with everything you said until the end. Elizabeth always had true and loyal friendsalways. Lindsay? Forget about it!

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