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The whole time I was reading Catching Fire, all I kept picturing when Finnick Odair was being described was Michael Fassbender. I think he's perfect for the role. Don't you think he'd fit the role too?
—Brianna C, via the inbox

Thing is, Finnick is supposed to be sexy sexy, not I'm-a-robot-who-can-probably-crush-your-face sexy. Also, Finnick is supposed to be in his 20s, and Fassbender, while a talented face-crusher, is also a face-crusher in his 30s.

But you've broached an interesting topic: Who should play the handsome, flirty Finnick? Or Beetee, for that matter, or Wiress, or Mags? Let's do some fantasy casting:

Here are my picks.

He's the 50-ish black-haired techno-genius with a penchant for things that go zap in the night arena.

People out there like: Michael Emerson, Steve Buscemi

But what about: Andy Serkis? Think about it. You know I'm right.

Dark horse contender: Doug Jones. You've seen him act, I am sure of it, albeit probably under a ton of makeup, in films like Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy. But look at the face and notice a certain wonky inspiration that could make for a surprisingly sympathetic Beetee.

Or there's always: John Malkovich.

Beetee's constant companion who nurses a fried brain, thanks to her previous arena experiences. She tends to be shy and easily distracted — personality traits that, of course, belie a keen intelligence.

People out there like: Helena Bonham Carter, Tilda Swinton

But what about: Frances McDormand? Think about it. You know I'm right.

Dark horse contender: Joan Allen. She's a tall, strong drink of water, but her almost elven features could channel The Crazy pretty well, I suspect.

Or there's always: Winona Ryder or Uma Thurman

Poor Mags, all old and back in the arena and everything. She's supposed to be 80 and kind of addled. But if you need a fish hook, she's your gal.

People out there like: Betty White, Cloris Leachman

But what about: Maggie Smith? Come on. You know I'm right.

Dark horse contender: Sissy Spacek. At 62, she's technically way too young, but something about her feels right.

Or there's always: Meryl Streep, with the right makeup

This mysterious man of unknown age takes over as Head Gamemaker, but he has a hidden agenda that makes him much more interesting than Seneca Crane ever was.

People out there like: Jared Harris, Philip Seymour Hoffman

But what about: Just about anybody? It's not like we know much about the guy's physical appearance. Come on. You know I'm right.

Dark horse contender: That really shifty guy from Game of Thrones. Seriously, I could watch that guy for hours.

Or there's always: Anybody! I mean it! Denzel! The Cloon! Kenneth Branagh!

The last living female victor from the lumber district, Johanna also is one of the younger tributes to be thrown back into the arena for the Quarter Quell. She's supposed to be sly, sarcastic — a big personality in a small package.

People out there like: Kristen Bell, Naya Rivera

But what about: Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Look at her. You know I'm right. Or, wait, no: Look at Shailene Woodley. Now you know I'm right. Or maybe I've been right twice.

Dark horse contender: Anna Kendrick. She's the right age and has the right range of depth. Just when you expect her to zig, she zags.
Or there's always: Natalie Dormer. She's 30 already, but seriously: Nobody messes with Natalie Dormer.

Now this casting really matters. Tall, flirty, sexy, twentysomething, this onetime victor provides plenty of distractions for Katniss and the rest.

People out there like:  Armie Hammer, Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder

But what about: Well, you kind of had me at Armie Hammer.

Dark horse contender: Still thinking about Armie, come back later.

Or there's always: Armie Hammer.

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