The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210 Renewed by the CW

Jeremy Carver will be taking over showrunner duties from Sera Gamble on the cult favorite Supernatural

By Tierney Bricker May 03, 2012 7:48 PMTags
The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder as Damon and Nina DobrevBob Mahoney/The CW

Well, you can file this under News That Doesn't Suck!

The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210 have all been picked up for the 2012-13 TV season by the CW. Go on, we'll give you a minute to celebrate the news!

So what can fans expect from their favorite shows when they return next season?

Given that The Vampire Diaries is the CW's highest-rated show, it's no surprise that the show has been picked up for a fourth season, which will focus on Elena (Nina Dobrev) & Co.'s final semester of their senior year, executive producer Julie Plec confirms. "They're making decisions about their future. Do I stay or do I go? And no, there will not be a Mystic U," Plec says. "Grams taught at a nearby university and Jenna was getting her masters degree so there's something out there that we'll be introducing and seeing in season four."

90210 will also be returning for a fifth season come this fall.

An eighth season of Supernatural seemed like a sure thing last month when the network confirmed that Sera Gamble would be stepping down and Jeremy Carver would be taking over showrunner duties along with Robert Singer. Carver is no stranger to the show as he served as writer, story editor and coproducer during his three-season tenure on the cult favorite.

Obviously, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will be returning (duh-doy!), but what about Misha Collins and Jim Beaver? While Castiel's fate beyond the current season has yet to be determined, Collins tells us he's more than happy to don Cas' iconic trenchcoat for another season. "I would love to see Cas come back," he says. "It's been such a fun show to work on and such a fun character and such a fun fandom to be immersed in. All and all, if there is some way to work out for Cas to come back that'd be great."

Beaver, whose character Bobby is now a ghost, also hopes to return and tells us, "I hope he's [Jeremy Carver] a good which I mean I hope he figures out a way to use me a whole bunch!"