Justin Bieber

Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

"Boyfriend," shmoyfriend. Sure, Justin Bieber's ridiculously anticipated music video is debuting online tonight, but for those who just can't wait another minute for some new footage of the Biebs, you're in luck.

The pop superstar has teamed up with E!'s own Ryan Seacrest—both of whom know a thing or two about total media domination—and with their forces combined, set out to make the most viral video of all time. WIth help from a very special guest star.

Did they accomplish it? You be the judge...

It's a noble cause (not to mention one that yielded hilarious results), and if anyone could do it, it's these two.

The duo embarked upon the challenge in honor of Seacrest surpassing 100 million views on YouTube, a benchmark that the boys sought to one-up by combining their formidable forces in an attempt to make the most viral video ever to hit the Internet.

And on the off chance they don't quite manage it, it won't be for lack of commitment to zeitgeisty memes, as Ryan and Justin jam-packed everything from double-dream-hand dance moves to adorable slow-mo puppies to sneezing babies to a surprising stab at a cover song into the video.

But these two know how to finish strong, and saved the best for last. Five words, ladies and gentlemen: Cinnamon Challenge with Kathy Griffin. You've been warned.

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